Here is What Lip Colour You Should Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries - Aries are daring, confident and adventurous. The best lip colour that would suit their personality and best define them would be dark red colour.

Taurus – Taurus are very romantic, caring and loving people. The best colour for you is light pink as it symbolizes your personality.

Gemini - Geminis are known to be very unpredictable and curious. They enjoy socializing and bright pink colour would perfectly go with their style.

Cancer – Cancerians are very emotional and family oriented. They are very sensitive and delicate and soft shades of pink would work best for them.

Leo – Leos are very confident and bold people. They like commanding people and are attention seekers. Shades like orange-red & coral tones would work well for them.

Virgos - Virgos are very caring and organized people. Shades of apricots and beige would perfectly go with their style.

Librans - Librans are very graceful and balanced people. Shades like rich berry would work best for them.

Scorpions – Scorpions are very dominating, rule breakers and intense. They are very bold and dark lip shades would definitely match their personality.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius are known to very exciting, full of energy and fun loving. Bright shades like neon fuchsia lip shade would best define them.

Capricorn – Capricorns are very soft and elegant people. Nude shades are the ones which would make them look more attractive.

Aquarians - Aquarians are very wild and unpredictable.  They are very different from others and would love to try different lip shades like ombre.

Pisces – Pisces are very positive, happy and compassionate. They like natural colours and the best colour for them is obviously shades of raspberry or rose petal.