What color you should wear, according to Astrology!

By: Sonu Sharma

According to Indian astrology, colours play a major role in getting success and failure. The appropriate use of colours increases the luck of a person and is beneficial for him. Each day of the week is associated with some planet and colour and if we wear colour associated with each day, then we will get success in whatever we do. Let’s have a look at the colours associated with each day –


Monday is the first day of the week and it is the day of the moon. Moon represents interest, happiness, power, respect and water. Lord Shiva rules on Mondays. White is the colour of moon and colour of Monday, hence to seek best results one should wear white or light colour clothes on Monday.


Tuesday is associated with planet Mars and it signifies authority, courage, land, movable property and competition. Mars is associated with red colour and wearing red colour on this day boosts luck.


Wednesday is the day of planet Mercury and it represents intelligence, logical reasoning, business, Studies and friends. It is very fortunate to wear shades of green colour on Wednesdays


Thursday is the day of planet Jupiter and it signifies wisdom, intelligence, wealth, bank, and teaching. Wearing yellow colour on this day will give good results.


Friday is the day of Venus and it signifies relationship, marriage, love relationships, decoration of home, luxury, music etc. For Fridays, wearing pink colour is lucky and it gives happiness in life.


Saturday is the day of Saturn and it represents age, disease, death crisis, non-religious and rudeness. If you have unlucky Saturn in your kundali, then wearing shades of black and navy blue helps to avoid the malefic effects of Saturn.


Sunday is the day of Sun and it represents ego, empathy, victory, health, energy and bravery. Yellow, Red and orange colour are associated with this day and wearing these colour clothes on this day boosts luck.