Astrological remedies for success in court cases!

By: Sonu Sharma 

Here are few of the tips if performed with devotion will surely give you success in court cases –

  • It is believed that to get success in court cases, take a small amount of rice and threw it anywhere outside the courtroom where the case is going on. But you should not tell anyone about this and no one should see you while throwing the same.
  • If you want circumstances to be in your favor, then before sunrise take around 11 grains of black rice in your hand and recite the powerful Kreem Mantra 21 times and after that throw the rice in southern direction
  • For favorable outcomes, take a leaf of a birch tree and with red sandal paste write the name of your adversary on it and dip this leaf in honey. This could soften your opponent’s heart towards you.
  • To get success in court cases, take some sesame seeds and sugar and mix both of them. Keep the same in some isolated place and pray to god for success. Without anyone seeing you, leave that place.
  • If you feel that you are innocent and want changes to be in your favor then before going to court apply the paste of red flower of Oleander Tree on your forehead.
  • On the day of the court hearing, at the time of going to court, take 3 pepper balls with some sugar and chew the same on your way to the court. This will give you success