Play with these colours this Holi for good luck!

Play with these colours this Holi for good luck!

By: Sonu Sharma

It is believed that if you play Holi with colours linked to your zodiac sign, then it brings good luck to your life –

ARIES – Aries are passionate, attention seekers and loves celebrating festivals. For you lucky colours are red, yellow and green.

TAURUS – Taurus are chilling in nature and loves harmony & peace. For you pink, green, blue and white colour is very fortunate.

GEMINI - Geminis love socialising and meeting old friends. You should play Holi with yellow, blue, pink and green colour for good health.

CANCER – Cancerians loves spending time with family and friends. For you playing holi with white, red, yellow and green colour will be lucky.

LEO – Leos are very bold and party lovers. You like bright colour and your lucky clours are purple, burnt orange and all shades of red.

VIRGO - Virgos are very courageous and grounded people and for you colors like brown, navy, peach and yellow are the lucky colours for Holi.

LIBRA – Librans are very charming and calm. You should play Holi with colours like lavender, violet, and baby blue.

SCORPIO - Scorpians are very energetic, passionate and loyal and you should play Holi with colours like blood red, black, maroon and burgundy.

SAGITTARIUS - Sagittarius are very cheerful and simple in nature. If you want the best of everything, you should play holi with Purple, Indigo and dark blue colours.

CAPRICORN - Capricorns are very grounded and carefree. For you, colors like Charcoal grey are the lucky colors for Holi.

AQUARIUS - Aquarians are fun loving and jolly in nature. Best color to play holi for you is blue.

PISCES – Pisces are very traditional and for you playing holi with Mild shades of the sea color will be lucky.