As per your Zodiac Sign, Which colour Lehenga will be lucky for your wedding!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries are very dominating in nature and wants to get noticed in Crowd. Red colour perfectly complements the personality of an Aries. 


Taurus are very down to earth, determined and focused people. Sky blue is the colour which goes with their personality and lucky for their wedding.


Geminis are very pretty, cool and have pleasing personality. Lime green is the ideal colour that they should wear on their wedding.


Cancerians are very romantic and emotional in nature. Lavender is the colour for your wedding lehenga and it resembles your qualities.


Leos are very extrovert, attention seekers and confident people. Wearing Gold colour lehenga will suit your personality.


Virgos are very courageous and peace loving people. White is the colour which will enhance your beauty on your special day.


Librans are very graceful, down to earth and attractive. So wearing pink colour lehenga will definitely suit this trait of yours.


Scorpians are very passionate and loyal. Nothing better than Maroon colour Lehenga will resemble your passion.


Sagittarius are very joyful and fun loving. Orange is the perfect lucky colour for your wedding.


Capricorns are nature lovers and nothing other than Green colour will represent your mood on your big day.


Aquarians are very unconventional and jolly in nature. Turquoise is the ideal colour that they should wear on their wedding.


Pisces are very candid and strong and silver is the colour which goes with their personality.