Indian astrology predictions based on date of birth!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries – 2018 will be a favourable year for Aries. You will give quality time to your family and your married life will be peaceful. You might also receive lucrative job offers.

Taurus – This year will not be fruitful for you and you need to take special care of your diet and health. In your professional career, you will not get desired results.

Gemini – This year will be progressive for you. You may get new opportunities and health of some family member might give you tension.

Cancer – Health wise this year may be good for you and professionally also this year will be fruitful for you. Family wise also this year will be a comfortable year.

Leo – This year will be a year of achievements and you will enjoy good health. Financially also this year will be favourable and you may buy a new vehicle.

Virgo – In 2018, your health will not be good and professionally also it will not be a good year for you. Despite your hardwork you will not get good results.

Libra - This year your relatives will be very cooperative and you will spend lot of time with your family. Also there is possibility of buying new home.

Scorpio - This year you will face hardships in your professional life and your family support will be with you. Marital life will be smooth and happy.

Sagittarius -  For Sagittarius  this year may be good for you and your family atmosphere will be peaceful and you may face losses in business.

Capricorn – In 2018, the Capricorn may face stiff challenges and you may suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, heart problems etc. There are fair chances of your matrimonial proposal being finalized and you may buy a new vehicle this year.

Aquarius -   This year will be fruitful for you and there will be a peaceful atmosphere at your home. Avoid love affairs.

Pisces - This year will be good for you and good health is also indicated. Relations with your spouse will also improve.