What kind of a Father will you become according to your zodiac sign?

By: Sonu Sharma

Your zodiac sign depicts the type of father you are  :-

According to Astrology, Aries fathers are strong and adventurous and they plan lot of adventures and sporting events for their kids. They give lot of encouragement to their kids and will cheer louder at their Kid's performances.

Taurus Fathers are very stable, traditional and loves to spend time with their kids. They want their kids to be part of all the family events and get together.

Gemini Fathers are great at adapting to virtually any situation. They are a kid at heart and are a playful companion for the kids. They very well know how to engage their kids in mental and physical activities.

Cancer fathers loves to spend time their kids and family. They are very joyful, have great sense of humor and manage their kids very well.

Leo fathers are very loyal, loving and caring. They provide lot of space and comfort zone to their kids to explore their skills and creativity.

Virgo Fathers are very communicative and engage their kids in lot of outdoor activities.

Libra fathers are very fond of music, dance and arts and they take their kids to museums, art galleries and dance shows. They wants their kids to participate in all activities and sports.

Scorpio fathers are very protective about their kids and they want their kids to be very disciplined.

Sagittarius fathers are very imaginative and tells lot of inspirational and motivational stories to their kids. They provide their kids with a diverse learning environment.

Capricorn fathers are very hardworking and they want their kids to be disciplined and successful in life.

Aquarius fathers love to play sports and they coach their kid’s sports. They give lot of space to their kids to know what they are good at.

Pisces fathers are very affectionate and are fond of music. They can be counted on to provide their kids with a stable and harmonious household.