Astrological combinations for happy married life!

Astrological combinations for happy married life!

By: Sonu Sharma

As per Astrology, in total there are 36 Gunas out of which minimum 18 Gunas are considered fortunate for the marriage. There have been lot of instances wherein despite of Gunas, marriage is not possible because of any other dosha in the kundali. Here we will tell you about few of auspicious planetary combinations for happy and successful married life:-

-         For a happy married life, the 7th house in the kundali should be powerful and it should be away from the aspects of malefic planets.

-         If the 7th house is in Kendra and it is under the influence of benefic aspects of planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, then it is very auspicious for happiness in marriage.

-         In Janma Kundali, 2nd house is the house of marriage in and if this house is receiving effects of auspicious planets then it is favourable for happiness in married life.

-         Both the planets; Jupiter and Mercury gives success in marriage. If in 7th house a good Jupiter is placed, then it gives a fortune & stable married life

-         If in Janam Kundali, Moon is receiving benefic aspects from Saturn, Venus and Jupiter, it Confers fortune & good married life

-         Mercury is one of the most important factor for happy marriage and if it is positioned in auspicious house then it gives patience in the couple to adjust and act in hard times.

-         In Kundali, the 8th house denotes longevity of marriage and if this house is aspected by auspicious planets, this showcases peaceful married life.