Different Body Parts Governed By Different Zodiac Signs!

Different Body Parts Governed By Different Zodiac Signs!

By: Sonu Sharma

Every Zodiac sign is responsible for a certain part of the body and their functioning:-


The Aries zodiac sign rules the head including eyes, ears and circulatory system of the head and shoulders. They are prone to migraines and sinus problem.


The Gemini zodiac sign rules the nervous system including shoulders, arms and hands. They are prone to nervous system problems and breathing issues.


The Taurus zodiac sign rules the throat, neck and vocal tract. They are prone to thyroid or throat related issues


The Cancer zodiac sign rules the breasts, chest muscles and stomach. They are prone to digestion related problems


The Leo zodiac sign rules the heart, upper back and spine. They have a tendency for heart disesases


The Virgo zodiac sign rules the digestive system including abdomen, intestines and liver. They have tendency for stomach related problems.


The Libra zodiac sign rules the kidneys, endocrine system and buttocks.


The Scorpio zodiac sign rules the reproductive system, genital organs and bladder.


The Sagittarius zodiac sign rules liver, hips, pituitary gland and upper part of the leg.


The Capricorn zodiac sign rules the bones, joints, skeletal system and teeth and they should be careful with injury in their knees.


The Aquarius zodiac sign rules the ankles, calves, circulatory system and lower limbs.


The Pisces zodiac sign rules the muscles of the legs, feet and lymphatic system