Keep These things in your Child’s School Bag to Improve Study Luck!

Keep These things in your Child’s School Bag to Improve Study Luck!

By: Sonu Sharma

In today's world, education is the base of life as it not only provides a person with the basic requirements but also shapes his or her life perfectly. Luck plays an important role in all aspects and thus in Education too. Lot of times it happens that the child is not able to focus on studies even though they want to. For this, below mentioned things should be placed in children’s school bag to attract positivity and luck -


 It is believed that keeping peacock feather in your kids school bag brings positivity and it helps to increase the concentration and the grasping capacity of the child.

-          As per Hindu culture, Tulsi leaves helps to improve self-confidence and mind. It is believed that Tulsi leaves are connected to the sun and it brings positive energy. Keeping Tulsi leaves in school bag helps to overcome problems related to education.

-          Take Peacock feathers, Tulsi leaves, Long and Elaichi and keep all these things in a red cloth and stitch the cloth. Keep this cloth in your child’s bag in such a place that nobody is able to see the same. This will help to attract positive vibration that helps to increase the knowledge.

-          Also ensure that your kid’s school bag is clean and decluttered as it helps to seek Goddess Saraswati blessings.

-          Lot of times it happens that students gets tensed and confused in exams, for this take an orange peal and break the same in 9 pieces and while going for exams, keep all these 9 pieces in your pocket.