What does your Line of education tells about you?

By: Sonu Sharma

The line of education contains a vital element in palmistry, it tells a lot about a person’s life, suggests about the learning and education a person, about the fields in which the person would be successful or fail. Lot of times it happens that inspite of being intelligent a person does not do well in his education and he faces lot of obstacles. On the contrary, a person has lot of knowledge inspite of being not well-educated.

On our palm, Line of education starts from between the middle finger and the ring finger and it proceeds ahead leaning over the Mount of Sun. It is believed that people who have this line, achieve lot of success in their life in the field of education.

-          As per Palmists, a person with long fingers will be interested in studies.

-          It is believed that if someone’s fingers are flexible, he will be interested in studies especially in mathematics and science and a person with long fingers and with soft joints will be interested in subjects like art and culture.

-          It is said that if in a person’s hand the fortune line & brain line is wide, then he will not be able to complete his education.

-          People with double brain line, circular lifeline and straight line on Sun mount achieve lot of success in the field of education

-          As per Palmists, a person with straight index finger is believed to be a good observer.