Vaastu tips to increase your child’s Concentration in Studies!

Vaastu tips to increase your child’s Concentration in Studies!

By: Sonu Sharma

Vastu Shastra lays down certain tips for increasing and improving memory and concentration of students –

             -As per Vaastu, study room of the child must always be in the east, north or the north east direction as it helps to increase the concentration of the child and these directions absorb lot of positive energies which increases the grasping capacity of the child.

-          Always ensure that while your child is studying, the reflection of mirrors is not falling on the books as this creates pressure on the child and he is not able to perform well in his studies.

-          Ensure that the study room should be airy and there is sufficient sunlight in the room. Always keep the study room and study table neat, clean and decluttered, this will promote positive energy.

-          Use of bright colours in the study room like yellow, orange , green etc. are highly recommended

-          Placement of Saraswati Yantra on study table is auspicious, this helps to absorb positive energies that help to increase the knowledge.

-          Study table should be either square or rectangle in shape and the table corners should be smooth, this helps to improve memory and concentration. Ensure that there is no toilet above the study room.


-          Also it is recommended to place study lamp on study table while studying, this helps to improve concentration. Before start studying, students should pray to Lord Ganesha, this helps to improve their memory and boost concentration.