Feng Shui Tips to Attract Money and Luck!

Feng Shui Tips to Attract Money and Luck!

By: Sonu Sharma

Use of Feng Shui helps to create an environment which attracts money and luck by placing few objects in certain ways. Here are some simple tips that helps to attract money and luck by using Feng Shui –

Make your main/ front gate attractive and strong –

In feng shui, the main gate is called the Mouth of Chi. If the main gate is attractive and strong, it attracts the positive energy and that energy will flow in the house and make the environment positive and auspicious. Always make sure that the front gate is clean and is nicely decorated. Also, the doormat should be clean and bright in colour and dustbins should not be kept at the main gate.

Keep your home clean and clutter free –

Always ensure that your house is clean and clutter free else it will not attract the energy of wealth. Remove all the non-required items from your home like used cans, bottles, newspapers, dead plants, electronic items which are not working, broken items etc.

It is very important to remove all these items to promote the flow of positive energies and invite prosperity at home.

Keep your kitchen clean -

Our Kitchen is related to the ability to attract money, so make sure that you de-clutter your kitchen and keep it clean. Even the refrigerator should be organized and clean. This helps to attract positivity and money.

Put Happy Family Photos on wall

To bring prosperity and luck at home, it is suggested to display photos of family members in the hall