Astrological effects of wearing diamond!

Astrological effects of wearing diamond!

By: Sonu Sharma

According to Astrology, gemstones impact a lot on person’s horoscope and if a person wears the gemstone as per his stars and planets then he gets some relief from the problems that he might be facing. There are 9 planets and every planet represents a gemstone. Diamond is one of the precious gemstone and it symbolizes planet Venus which represents the power & bond of love, luxury, beauty, compassion. Diamond can be worn by people whose kundali has venus placed in bad houses.

Venus is the planet of splendour and love and if this planet is favourable in the kundali, then it gives a happy married life and by wearing diamond we can get more auspiciousness of Venus.

People who are in the business related to venus like of jewellery, film, television professions, clothing, home furnishing etc. must wear Diamond as this will help in obtaining the beneficial effects of this planet.

As per astrology, the diamond should always be worn in the small or middle finger of right hand and Friday is the auspicious day to wear this gemstone. For good effects, diamond should be worn in gold. The auspicious time to buy diamond is Friday during the Shukla Paksha.

Diamonds make a person feel more confident and it removes inferiority complex. It enhances love and romance and improves marriage relationship. Also wearing diamond helps in curing lot of diseases like diabetes, skin and urine problem etc. But it is always recommended to consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone.