What to do if kundali does not match?

What to do if kundali does not match?

By: Sonu Sharma

In Indian Culture, marriage is considered as one of the most important event in a person’s life and the first step which is followed in most of the Hindu weddings is the kundali matching. Their thinking is that if the kundalis does not match then it is not auspicious for the couple to get married.

Kundalis are being matched with a viewpoint to check the compatibility of the couple’s stars, planets and their behavioural compatibility so that the couple lead a happy married life. But what if two people love each other and their kundalis are not getting matched? Just remember, that Compatibility doesn’t depend on kundalis. Marriage is a very beautiful relationship and it is very necessary that both the persons in this relationship should be compatible with each other and share the same vibe.

There have been instances in the past where marriages failed despite matched kundalis. Lot of couples who never matched their kundalis are very happy in their marriages, it all depends on compatibility and love for each other.

You can consult some astrologer, he might suggest some remedies and Pooja to overcome the problem in your kundali. Also, crosscheck if the horoscopes are correct or not, there is a possibility that the exact time was not noted at the time of birth. 

So don’t think much and go ahead and get married to the person you know, you love truly and someone with whom you can relate to.