Horoscope Of The Day (01/01/2018)

By: Nived Nambiar

ARIES: It's a new beginning of your life. Start with great zest and a strong resolve to remain committed in whatever you do in life - professionally or personally.  And don't worry about the results, focus on your job, that's it.


TAURUS: If you find someone losing temper way too quickly or constantly cranky, reach out to them when they're in relaxed state and tame their aggression. Sometimes being left unheard is often the cause for people to throw up. Sensitivity is the need of the hour.


GEMINI: Keep your professional life in the office, there is absolutely no need to bring your frustrations of work at home. Your family expects to see you smile since they acknowledge the sacrifices you're making for them. Discussing problems is one thing but being overwhelmed is definitely not.


CANCER: Finally you've reached a point in your life where you no longer wish to live as a victim. Kudos because you've already won half battle by being aware. Now take actions to step out of it by directing your thoughts towards growth. There will be temptations to step back but keep moving on.


LEO: Opting for entrepreneurship? Sounds easy on paper but it takes humungous courage to accept this life as it involves huge risk. Therefore be doubly sure about it, have a back up and envision a long term view. Things will surely fall into place when it has to.


VIRGO: Take care of your health, I guess indulging way too much in food last night might create some problems. Of course you need to take rest, at the same time re-plan your diet and exercise to get rid of those unhealthy food you've consumed.


LIBRA: Tried and tasted formulae never works all the time. Eventually novelty is the only factor that will attract more people. Start creating more original content, take inspirations and accordingly showcase it. The start will be slow however it will gain momentum soon.


SCORPION: If you can't stand people gossiping about you, better don't bad mouth about others. Respect is a two street. Maintain a cordial friendship with everyone and then stick to your own business. How others lead their life differently than you is not your concern.


SAGITTARIUS: You're being reminded to be thankful for living a life with peace because there are many in this world who aren't as privileged and lucky as you. So cultivate the attitude of gratitude every time you accomplish something momentous.


CAPRICORN: Break the walls around and start to trust again. Past experiences were not really good that led you to fear people but trust me, you can't expect others to extend friendship towards you in such conditions. Take gradual steps to break free. You will feel happy once you do that.


AQUARIUS: Be open to both good and bad experiences that comes your way. You will not always have happy moments, there shall be ups and downs that can often take the best out of you. Instead of fearing them, embrace it with love and affection.


PISCES: Be updated about the world affairs though not necessary to react. It can be often be embarrassing when you're with friends and they discuss about current affairs from any fields and you've nothing to contribute and speak about. Increase your knowledge is the theme for you.