How To Analyse Your Profession Through Aatmakarak Planet?

The person is bound to run a business of medicines if the auspicious planets aspect aatmakarak planet Sun or Rahu. The person gets success in the medical field if they have an auspicious influence of these aatmakarak planets.
These aatmakarak planets Sun or Rahu are the ones which have the highest number of degrees.
Atma means the soul and karaka means the significator or the doer, Atmakaraka is the significator of the soul’s desire.
It is one of the most important and influential planets in the natal chart.
Sun is the natural Atmakaraka in all the charts, the planet that has the highest degree and is movable is known as Chara. Usually Rahu and Ketu have the highest degree and are considered as Atmakaraka planets. The planet embodying these battles additionally demonstrates the way through life lessons (more often than not conveyed amid Atmakaraka dashas and bhuktis).
Relating to the materialistic objectives is key and we should not underrate these necessities. Encounters show us to search for our higher self. There can't be a most optimized plan of attack to moksha or self-acknowledgment.
Without that accomplishment, you can't go into the internal world and locate your own fortune of satisfaction.