How Does Mercury, The Kaarak Planet Of Business, Influence It?

The planet Mercury influences and rules all the business and business related activities.
Through the position of Mercury in the birth- chart the efficiency and effectiveness of a person at his/her professional front can be gauged upon and analyzed.
A stable mercury in the birth chart signifies that a person is a performer at work, takes up challenges easily and works to the best of his capacity.
A person becomes practical and efficient if the influence of Mercury is positive. The person will earn profit and fame if Mercury is the tenth lord and is located in the eleventh house. Also, the person gets the ability to take quick and better decisions if this planet is auspicious and strong in the birth chart.
The person will get lot of benefits and recognition from the work if the Kaarak planet forms a direct relationship with the second house, eleventh house or sixth house.
In today’s time, our first meetings, first connections via emails, phone calls are ruled by Mercury, the Kaarak Planet, thus we are ‘meeting people through Mercury first’.
From the offset of our knowledge and understanding of the planet Mercury, it has been connected with velocity and swiftness.