Zodiac Sign Cusps: What Does It Mean to Be Born on a Cusp?

Zodiac Sign Cusps: What Does It Mean to Be Born on a Cusp?

If you've always felt like you have a few Cancer traits inside of you despite being a hardcore Gemini, then no identity crunch; It might just be a terminal sign.

Yes, come!

What exactly is the hump?

The precursor sign is someone born at the end of the zodiac sign, you know, "on the cusp" between your solar sign and the next sign, and it can make you feel a little ignored when reading your sign each month. 

Trust me, I know: I was born on January 20th, and I'm on the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius. But I didn't know this was a thing ~ until a friend made me obsessed with the astronomy of speed and explained why I don't always agree with how they describe me.

So if you are equally amazed, don't worry. Being a top brand is NBD (although you are still special). This is exactly what it means and everything you need to know about it.

Let's be clear: if you were on the cutting edge, could you be two zodiac signs at the same time?

Some astrologers consider people born in the first three days of the appearance of a new sign on the cusp.

“When you are in a new sign, you look ahead. You're busy with what you need to learn to move forward,” he explains. "The difficulty with being on top or below the sign is that you can feel trapped. You don't know what to expect." This can lead to confusion or control of the moment; The choice is yours, guys dogs.

But either way, you are not a zodiac hybrid or something, a new zodiac sign hybrid. It turns out that just being near another sign doesn't automatically mean it has a strong influence on your personality. "The planets have an echo with where they are," Joyce says. "Yes, they affect each other, but that doesn't invalidate their position."

In other words, your actual sun sign is your primary identity; The mark next to you looks like a pinch of salt and pepper in its original flavor.

No, then you can leave your second sign. Linda Joyce, professional astronomer and author of The Day You Was Born: A Journey to Perfection Through Astrology and Numerology says your sun sign is your sun sign. This is true even if you were born on the last tier of that sign, like 11:55 PM. On April 20, for example. You're still an Aries, not a Taurus.

So what does it mean to be on the cusp?

You may be aware of everything at first, but this isn't necessarily a negative trait. "Spirits in the balconies feel that they know more than others, and often do," Joyce says, noting that some are even geniuses.

Since the signs of regression are born during a period of transition, it is up to you to lead the way, run for a change, or run into place and stay in his comfortable place. Not surprisingly, the first track "takes courage and risk," says Joyce, but hey, isn't that all that life is all about?

"You won't get help to take the first step. It should come from you ... Risk what you think: Own your talent, beliefs, and genius," he advises. "The world will pay attention to you."

If you don't see being a dog an asset, you might feel a little lost because your position in the sun sign isn't speaking to everyone. But cheer up knowing that you're not the only one who feels this way about their astrological destiny - few of us spit out pictures of what the sign of the sun indicates.

In general, it is "on the cusp" if you are born about three days before or after the marks change. Each peak period has a name that reflects the different energy it carries.

The peak of strength: April 16-22

Peak Energy: May 17-23

Magic Peak: June 17-23

The peak of volatility: from 19 to 25 July

Exhibition Summit: 19-25 August

The peak of Beauty: September 19-25

Drama climax: October 19-25

The height of the revolution: November 18-24

The climax of Prophecy: December 18-24

Mystery Peak: January 16-23

Allergy Peak: February 15-21

The heyday of the Renaissance: March 17-23

If you were born between any of the following horoscope dates, then yes, you were born on the cusp, which is what that means for your personality traits and horoscopes, according to astrology.

Capricorn Aquarius (Jan 16 - Jan 22) -

If you were born between January 16 and 22, this is a Capricorn / Aquarius sign.

Aquarius Pisces (February 15 - February 21)

If you were born between February 15-21, then you are an Aquarius / Pisces sign.

Pisces (March 17 - March 23)

If you were born between March 17th and 23rd, then you are a Pisces / Aries sign.

Aries Taurus (April 16 - April 22)

If you were born between April 16th

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