Benefice and Malefic planets in astrology?

Benefice and Malefic planets in astrology?

What are Benefic and Malefic planets in astrology?

The seven planets in astrology define your life as an individual. This means they influence your actions to be it making decisions, acting to a situation, and so on. They have a unique identity and work differently for different individuals. The same planet may have different influence over different individuals.

Astrology divides these planets into two broad categories, benefic and malefic. The term ‘benefit’ symbolizes positivity and good deeds. On the other hand, ‘malefic’ refers to the opposite side, gloomy and bad.

The planets included in the benefic category are easy to deal with as they have a favorable influence over us. Whereas, the malefic planets are difficult to get over because they pose numerous problems that need to be tackled then and there.

Venus and Jupiter are the two planets that are included in the benefits category. On the other hand, Mars and Saturn are your best enemies for their inclusion in the malefic category.


Venus and Jupiter form the benefic category of planets, as per Vedic Astrology. Being benefic, these two planets are meant to favour you all time around. The duo is believed to be the bearer of good fortune and they will eradicate the gravels in your path.


The first planet to be included in this group, which is Jupiter, supports you in your good deeds. Having backing from Jupiter is always fruitful because of its positivity and glare.

If you are engaged in some work that is meant to bring joy to others or is dedicated to social welfare then Jupiter will help you cross the finish line.


The next benefic planet is Venus which is a symbol of relationships and communication. Venus defines your personal space, as in who should be a part of it particularly. Not only this, but it also signifies how you deal with people around you; be it at the office, school, home, and any other place you visit.

Moreover, Venus brings a balance to your relationships through equilibrium between expectations and truth. Most interpersonal relationships are successful for a long time owing to Venus’ blessings.


Saturn and Mars together form the core of malefic planets. Both of them are meant to provide you a life-changing experience that is difficult to deal with. They often interfere with your work and throw different challenges at you.

It might feel strange why do they do this, but such challenges and problems are important to develop yourself as an individual. They might be the reason for your discomfort but they still help you evolve.


Mars is the first planet under this classification. There’s a saying that, “With every rise, there’s a fall”. Mars is just meant for exactly the same purpose. It is the reason behind the downfall you experience when everything starts falling in place. Mars always hampers your work if you drive in the wrong lane.


The next one to throw lemons at you is Saturn. It is the baggage that we carry as a result of all our deeds. While walking through life, you may fall into unpleasant things that are a discomfort for the people around you.

Also, you may perform certain activities that exude your delight and please others. So, Saturn is the judge that gets your good deeds rewarded and the bad ones to be paid for. Hence, your bad deeds are going to haunt you even if you try to escape from them.


You might be wondering like what about the rest of the three planets. The three planets left, Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune are not put under any category. They are considered as neutral planets that are, do not have any say about how to carry on with your life.


The two celestial bodies you might ignore here are Sun and Moon. Even though they are not considered as planets, yet they influence your life just like the planets do. They are put under the benefic category hence, changing your life for better always.


The thing about these planets is that they act differently for different individuals. Benefic planets are not the same for all of us. Some of us may see their positive side and the rest might have to bear the opposite side. Like Venus is a benefic planet may prove to be fruitful for some of us and a cause of concern for the rest.

Similarly, a malefic planet may not be that bad for all. For example, Saturn might not be a cause of concern for all.

This highlights the importance of these planets. That means you need to be sure about which planets fall under the benefic and malefic category for you rather than having a uniform outlook for the seven planets.

Moreover, the concept of benefic and malefic extends to your ascendants that is, zodiac signs as well. For each zodiac sign, the planets do not function the same. Like, for a Gemini, it is not certain that the benefit planets for others are your benefit as well. They may be malefic for you and can turn you into deep trouble.