How does yoga affect your health?

How does yoga affect your health?

How does yoga affect your health?

The person who does yoga, develops and regains his pineal gland and recuperates his life and corrects his functioning, the practice of purification of the mid-tricolour, external trataka, inner trataka, Om's hum, pranayama. Do it Vascular forgiveness has a direct effect on your Pineal Gland. Your hypothalamus, pineal, pituitary are all in the interim part of the brain and are hidden.

The size of pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus is not very big, but if it goes to someone's bad, then the whole body system is over. What is the hypothalamus? This small chip of your body is such a size computer. The pineal gland is about the size of a pea. Just small peas! It is just the same size. | From the pineal to the pituitary, the mutual connection between these two carries a message to each other, and the hypothalamus analyzes that message and accordingly secretes hormones to do creative work for the body.

If we exclude all hormones from someone's body, then there is nothing in his body.

All these glands secrete different hormones in our body. But mainly if we say that these three glands have the most prominent role in the operation of the whole body, and these glands are inside your skull and are very small in size. But they are doing very excellent work.

When you do asanas, and there are some asanas through which we can directly affect them. Like Sarvangasana, if you do Sarvangasana for ten minutes, then in ten minutes, the flow of blood will go more and more towards the brain. Now to do this ten minutes, at least two to three months of practice is required. It will not happen in a single day. By practising Sarvangasana, we can improve the functioning of pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus.

The second best posture is - head governance. The work that will be done in ten minutes in Sarvangasana, the same work will be done in four minutes in Shirsangasan. A four-minute headrest can give you the benefit of prolonged use of all-rounding. Long time those who stop in it. See, the benefit of posture is only when you stay in it, and if you come out of the position quickly, nothing will happen. When you visit that posture, your breathing stops. If you do not hold the breath, just take deep breaths, but stay in that position, then the effect will be more on those glands, more life energy reaches them. When inhaled in large amounts, oxygen reaches in excess. Due to which the amount of carbon dioxide is reduced in the blood. When we breathe, our organism cells change, so they release poisonous gas, and they take oxygen.

The first thing is, in the lungs, after the lungs, when all this blood flows into the body, its work is the same - it is carbon dioxide to transport oxygen to the organism cells and whatever toxins are there. Pull out

The fourth, which is our Gland, is thyroid. Understand its shape is like a butterfly; the butterfly is on two. Similarly, its right and left are on two. It happens in your region.

You perform congruency, your chin is attached to the chest, when your chin is attached to the chest, the most pressure comes on the trachea, this is where your thyroid gland is, and if the thyroid gland is implemented, its functioning will be proper then T3 from here. , T4, TSH hormones are secreted. T3, T4, TSH hormones control your body's metabolism. Old creatures die, new ones are formed. It is said to die - to become catabolism - this process of both anabolism and both is called metabolism. The thyroid gland is the controller of metabolism.

Who runs these glands? These glands do not run on their own. They run –Pineal, pituitary, and hypothalamus, when an imbalance in T3, T4, TSH profile is given when someone's thyroid gland deteriorates. But if the patient is not recovering even after taking medicine, his disease is increasing. How does it grow, If this Gland starts working more? Hyperthyroidism This will dry the body, weaken, dry the skin. The power will end; he is feeling so hungry. Eating has been a lot, and there will be a time to eat - you will feel nothing. Weakness every day… hair will fall. And the body will start having allergies. The immune system went wrong.

Now, if this Gland works less, then reverse work will be done. If the body becomes dry in hyper, then in hypo, the body will become very swollen. He will keep getting the urinary infection again and again. Now tell me, who has a frequent urinary infection, will he be able to sit and do meditation? Which does not have energy in the body, hypothyroidism means no power in the body. Will be lying, will be idle, sleep will be disturbed. When there is no sleep, the work done by pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus will not be done. When we sleep at night, these glands do their job. At the time when you are sleepy, at that time, all three of your organs carry out all those other glands. And all the hormones should be secreted throughout the night. So sleeping on time is very important.

Today you are sleeping at ten o'clock tomorrow at midnight tomorrow at two o'clock. Eating, drinking, gossiping, wandering, watching pictures, reading without time, even if you read the book of spirituality. You are awake, and you have not given sleep rest to the body. And when the body does not get sleep rest, how will the glands work? They will not correctly secrete hormones. When the hormones are not secreted properly, the body will be sick. When the body is sick, neither the world will run nor spirituality. Both will not work. The thyroid gland controls your metabolism, the nutrition that is eaten, the body's diet, and it controls the process of digestion.

Just below this thyroid gland is another gland, which we call the parathyroid Gland, the refractive Gland. Sarvangasana, matsayasana, Setu bandha asana; All these rugs increase its activity. So if the thyroid patient practices these asanas for a long time - halasana, Supt-matsayasan. Your para-thyroid will be fine in the Supt-matsayasan. Your thyroid will be fine in the plough and the congregation. Both thyroid and para-thyroid work together.

 The command that comes from them comes from pineal or pituitary, and the hypothalamus analyzes - how many hormones to leave, how much not to go. Your sleep, your digestive power; It controls everything. The amount needed to digest food, what will that amount be, also controls your hypothalamus.

 Thyroid and parathyroid occur in our territory. Just above the Kidney is the adrenal Gland, which secretes the adrenaline chemical, causing two reactions, which we call —fight or flight action, whenever danger strikes, the threat will appear in all of these situations. The part will be ordered from the hypothalamus in the entire body - either kill or run –Fight or flight | A violent animal, an enemy, someone can kill, if you are weak you will run away. At that time, sit and churn for a long time, what to do, what not to do? Nature has given this control in your hands. So the secretion that is caused by adrenal Gland brings the activity in your body.

It becomes active even when you are angry. It was not needed, neither to run nor to kill. But there will be one thing in anger. That is - die and when it seems that the front is more durable than me, then run. Adrenal Gland becomes functional. He has released secretions in your body. The situation was such that you did not have to run as if you went to someone's house to fight, the gate is closed, you are outraged. All your secretions started, the body tightened. Meat muscles tighten. As soon as we reached the gate, the tall German shepherd dog came and barked loudly that it would eat. Your wisdom said, "Part cannot go in; it will kill you if you go in." So without saying anything, press your tail and return to your home. Well-heeled curry. But what about the adrenaline that has gone into your blood? Now he will do his fatal work. The situation changed, the anger was thunderous, but we could not say anything. Could not take revenge for any reason. I could not express it. But keep it inside, through the secretion that is produced by the adrenal, in your body, understand that you have made such a poison, that you are harming yourself.

For this reason, the functioning of adrenal Gland must be correct. How will it be, right? You have to keep your brain relaxed. But to improve the operation of the adrenal, we have to posture in the postures in which such as Paschimottan asana, Janushirasana, and Ardhamatsyendrasana, Katiyata asana, Chakra asana, Dhanur asana, Shalabh Asana, Bhujangasana, Sarpasana, Ustrasana of all asanas. The effect is going on the stomach. The intestines in the stomach are 32 feet in total. If a human's intestine is opened and spread on the ground, it is tremendous.

Inside these intestines, there are also small glands that secrete enzymes to digest food. The ovary is a very important gland in women. In Hindi, it is called Dimbashya. Just above the uterus, there are two on the left and right side where the baby grows. These glands control the system of the woman's body. When the menstrual period of the woman stops, then gradually, the ovum will be finished in these ovaries, which we call egg(ovum).

Ovum and sperm, sperm means semen, the child is born only after mixing these two. When this ovary's functioning deteriorates, if not done correctly, the entire system of the woman's body will deteriorate. Due to deteriorated ovary, his sleep will be disturbed, and body weight will increase. Irritation, the nighttime opening of the eyes, repeated sleep breaks, all this will be due to this. Like someone had to have an ovary removed, now one is the ovary, and one is not, Or one is doing less work, one is doing more work - in both cases, the posture corrects its functioning.

There is a considerable function of the ovary in a woman's body. Just as women have an ovary gland, similarly testosterone, estrogen, is produced in the male's genitalia. Testosterone is the reason why men are men. Its quantity is more male. For example, the time of the arrival of women with age lasts from forty-six to fifty-five and sometimes up to fifty-five. After that, their bleeding will decrease gradually every month. After a while, the work of the ovaries will stop. And the two important hormones released from the ovary in a woman are estrogen and progesterone. When estrogen and progesterone begin to decrease, the amount of testosterone in the woman's body starts increasing. So women will start having symptoms of men, in the body as well as in nature. Moustache grows. The moustache will come, the beard will come, the skin will become thick, the temper will begin in life.

Just as women change, so do men. Between forty-five to fifty-five, their testosterone levels begin to decrease. So you see, by coming in old age, women start getting feminine symptoms. A man who has run his life all his life, as old age comes, he will begin to bow in the middle of fifty-five and together. Understand that his wife will become husband and wife in the husband; Like less will talk, less will fight, less order will be taken out. Not because he has grown old, but because his glands now affect his ability.

This secretory system of our body, in a way, heals your whole body. If one of these glands worsens, thyroid worsens, pineal worsens, hypothalamus worsens, pituitary worsens, adrenal worsens, your ovaries deteriorate, or if your testes worsen, there is no proper secretion, then understand the functioning of the body. Will sit.

The glands are hidden but do profound and very important work.

Therefore, your yoga practice should have all such postures, through which you have three glands of the brain, two glands of the throat, one organ of the stomach and the ovaries and testes present in your penis region, these six glands work smoothly. If one of these glands is not working correctly, not only will the body not be unwell, your mind will also be sick.