Starzspeak Reveal- Will (Panipat) Exceed box office?

Starzspeak Reveal- Will (Panipat) Exceed box office?

According to the numerology, (Panipat) has a destination number 1.

  • Date of Release – 06 December 2019
  • Time of Release – 9:00 AM
  • Place – Mumbai (Mumbai is the base of Bollywood)

panipat prediction

 Kundli for Panipat Movie

This number 1 rules the Sun in numbers. In Jyotish Vedic, it's the Aries number ruled by Mars. This means that the sign of the sun, Mars, and pregnancy will be the deciding factor in determining the success of this film.

Aries in the fifth house of the former prashan krasli, where Jupiter and Mars give their aspects. Jupiter is a great planet and its appearance gives a tremendous result in life, while the side of Mars (Planet of Warrior) leads to situations of aggression, conflict or war. This film is based on the enormous conflict between the Marathas (clan warrior) and the Afghan army (warrior). So, this date looks good for the film.

Mars, the ruler of this mark of Ares, is the eleventh house of monetary gain. Here in the eleventh house, Mars is located in Libra, an unfavorable situation. This makes Mars weak here. Therefore, this will certainly affect the post-film collection.

Sun, the master of destiny, is placed in house 12, which is also an unfavorable location for the sun. In Jyotish, House 12 is Maran Sthan for Sun, and because of this rule, the sun will not be good for the film and can create some problems in overseas business, just like House 12 is a foreign land.

In the previous prashan kundli, the saving factor is the strong Mighty location "Jupiter" in the first house (Lagan).

Special note: One important thing to keep in mind is the presence of Digbali Moon in the fourth house of Condell. The moon represents the emotions, tastes, feelings of heart, extravagance, and happiness in the fourth house. Therefore, this film will certainly touch the feelings or hearts of onlookers. In addition, the audience will love the extravagance created in the film.

For fans of Astro: Sun (Destiny Lord) and Aries is the mark ruled by Mars. These planets are the only inflamed planet in Jyotish, and the Sun-Mars mix is the giver of wars, conflicts, aggression, and conspiracy. This means that the release date is correct based on the type of movie. The Sun and Mars are cruel planets, meaning that Sanjay Dutt, who plays the main Abdali villain, will be the dominant entity in the entire film and commend his actions and reactions.

Simply put, the film will not be a big and fast success but one  time watch.  

Note – This prediction is the combined result of Vedic Jyotish and Ank Jyotish (Numerology)