October Love Horoscope

October Love Horoscope

October Month: Love Horoscope for all zodiac signs

September brought  love in the romantic life of many zodiac signs. Let’s look at what the month of October has in its kitty for all the zodiac signs in their love life.

ARIES (Mar21-Apr19)

If you are feeling that love life is not going as you dreamt of, you always have the chance to make changes in your love life. If you will put it the  transformational energy you can make your love life better. Sun-Jupiter combination will help  you in getting your relationships recognized. Be aware of not letting the compliments feed your ego as it might attract some problems in love life. Let your inner conscious do the talk and follow what it says regarding signs for love and relationships it reads. Don’t avoid any issue and sort it out right away. It’s the best time for singles to enter a relationship and for existing relationships to become more passionate in love life.

TAURUS (Apr20-May20)

It’s time to remind you that true love is not easy and requires every bit of genuine effort. If you have been putting sincere efforts you may get your love soon. Not the best time for meeting new people but for committed Taurians you have a bright chance of taking your relationship to a higher level. Your loved one awaits you but it calls for making extra efforts to impress them. Your passion in romance would be fuelled by your stars to brighten your love life.

GEMINI (May21-Jun20)

Keeping secrets but not sharing with loved ones can lend you in trouble. You won’t be in the mood to share your intimate secrets with everyone but do share with your lover. If you want to share  with your friends about your love life, that’s one thing, but posting details on social media isn’t the best idea. It can ruin your love life. Keep yourself away from any kind of debate with partner and just agree to what others have to say. For couples, love is all around and the good news is on the cards. New lover dating is ok because existing relationships will give you a boost in your love life.

CANCER (Jun21-July22)

It is the perfect time to attain closeness with your lover or crush or aiming for long term in existing relationships. You are not feeling high on romance and not feeling more like yourself. Your weakened stars make you vulnerable at the hands of your ex spreading negative comments about you on social media so don’t react till the time you gain your confidence. If you regret about hurting someone whom you loved at some point of time, then go ahead and apologise. It will help you freeing yourself from guilt.  Your seductive and compassionate nature as a lover with a person you completely trust help you get physically involved with him passionately.

 LEO (July23-Aug22)

Time is right to speak your heart out to your partner or to your crush but put your words forward wisely. You might end up in trouble if you will be impulsive as this nature leads to getting things out of control. Love takes time to blossom and this is the mantra for a beautiful love life .You are given an opportunity this month to handle your challenges in love life with cooperation and fill your relationship with romance and grace. Let yourself float in the ocean of love as the planet of love is in your romantic sector. 

VIRGO (Aug23-Sep21)

With all positivity and excitement in your chart, it’s the best time to put your love life into action. Planning a romantic date can help you impress your love. Plan something new which no other have done yet. Singles don’t give up on any person as the planets are in your favour so give it another try. You expect your partner to not devoid of good manners and having humble and courteous behavior but arguments will destroy your love life. Shower your love over partner and they will understand your need. The romanticism would be exciting and enough to satisfy your inner desires. Your love life will be boosted but clash between your personal and professional life may be caused.

LIBRA (Sep22-Oct23)

Love at first sight is good but if the sight is online, beware of cheats. Showing love is necessary to keep up the fuel in love life but trusting strangers could spoil your love life. Don’t get into a relationship with someone who is short tempered. Don’t fall back by your low confidence and let your seductive self lead.  Fairness and balance in relationships are your objectives this month. With this phase of healing in your relationship sector, better understanding and commitments in your love life awaits you. This can be done by maintaining a balance between work and love life by planning gifts, romantic trips and surprises.

SCORPIO (Oct23-Nov21)

Love life is based on the blocks of trust and confidence. Your confidence in relationship increases this month as you are in control of a romantic situation. It's the correct time to make a good impression on people and make them aware of your love for them. Singles don’t rush to get into a new relationship, the person is not right for you. You may be confused and here comes the role of your friends who will come as a savior. Great time for married couples to plan their child and singles should not underestimate their strength of seduction.

Sagittarius (Nov22-Dec21)

Balance between love life and professional life is important because without love no life. Don’t ignore your love life. A perfect balance between these two is very much required this month relationship will help you sail through your problems. Your past can create and destroy your present love life, try to avoid situations. You need to manage your feelings and don’t let your feelings go over your head. You can share your inner desires with your lover, they will respect your feelings. Avoid pregnancy as the stars are not showing favourable conditions. 

CAPRICORN (Dec22-Jan19)

Don’t make your romantic life monotonous but try something new and innovative to boost your love further. You set high expectations even in love life and meeting them is always on your agenda. The end of the month is the peak time for love and passion being dominant this month, it’s time to show it in current relationship or new one. However, don’t impose love on others or on your own as it will come naturally. Sexual desires are obvious to come when you are in a love and deep relationship but don't hurry, it can spoil your love life.

AQUARIUS (Jan20-Feb18)

If your partner doesn’t give you what you expect in love then don’t let your mind wavered to others. It’s just a matter of time. You may be having many romantic ideas to woo your partner but just wait for the right time to manifest them. You need to be careful if you are already in a long term relationship as your mind might be telling you to wander your eyes for someone else. For singles it’s a great time to approach your loved one. Your quality of staying mysterious makes people more interested in you. Try new ways of making love to your partner to make them feel the most important part of your life and sweetly surprising them will add on to it.

PISCES (Feb19-Mar20)

Handling stressful relationships is not ingrained in your nature but you can always give it a try. Be creative in your romantic conversations and convey your feelings to partner via social media or text messages through poems or songs to give a kick to your relationship. That will be worth the reward. Just come out of your comfort zone when it comes to trusting people, a friend can become a stranger and can spoil your love life . Just wait a little longer if you are thinking of ending your relationship, you might be compelled to change your mind. Don't control your inner desire while making love with your partner.