What are the zodiac houses and 12 House mean in astrology?

What are the zodiac houses and 12 House mean in astrology?

The common understanding of the zodiac houses and the meaning of 12 houses in astrology can be imagined as the initial phase of human understanding of astrology.  According to astrology 12 houses just like the 12 zodiac signs which creates the basic foundation of human life. The 12 houses of the birth chart represent the areas of experience where the energies of the zodiac sign and planets function together. The 12 houses enlightened our inner soul and focuses on our temperaments and life experiences too. By analyzing the planet movement and their placement astrologers suggests which qualities will influence your life in stronger way. When houses are strong the natal chart will hold more power.  So here is the list of 12 houses in astrology and their interpretation too.

1st HOUSE: Ruled by Aries

This is the first house which is also known as Rising Sun or the Ascendant. Being the first house it symbolizes all the important aspects of life such as individual personality, ego. Temperament, the way he looks towards life. It is the House of Self, it is known for health issues. This house impacts the health of an individual. If you have experienced any health issues in life, it is only due to the first house of the chart.

2nd House: Ruled by Taurus

The matters related to your physical and material world is associated with the second house of the natal chart. This house is known as the houses of possessions. This house symbolizes how the individual takes and manages financial decisions. How an individual manages to balance his self-esteem in life.

3rd House:Ruled by Gemini

This house is related to any forms of communication. It symbolizes all types of thinking, talking, modern ways of technological aided communication too. It also deals with daily activities like local traveling, neighbors, schools etc. this house truly deals with the intelligence level of an individual.

4th House:Ruled by Cancer

The fourth house is truly dedicated to the home environment of an individual. This house helps us to develop the sense of security within the home. It also deals with the impact of mother-child relations during the early phase of childhood.  The fourth house can also be understood as the house of the mother, parent or nurture. It is ruled by cancer and the moon.

5th House:Ruled by Leo

The fifth house of the natal chart is ruled by Leo. Jupiter is the natural signification of the fifth house. This house deals with the fortune, good luck and wisdom too. This house is that part of every natal chart that includes joyous activities, creativity, entertainment and playful nature of the child within. This is the house of all children, primarily our own, but also our approach to any child in our lives. It is a place filled with innocent love, connecting us to all premarital relationships, our first love experiences, and sexual pleasures that are fun, carefree and filled with joy.

6th House: Ruled by Virgo

The Sixth house of each horoscope represents the health and physiological status of an individual. This house depicts fitness, diet, illnesses, hygiene, helpfulness and your service to others including animals.

7th House:Ruled by Libra

Seventh house is commonly referred to as the House of Partnership. The 7th house is ruled by Libra and the planet Venus. This house wants us to know that the quality of our partnerships will enhance our lives, make them fuller, more special and better for everyone.

8th House:Ruled by Scorpio

8th house is also related to wealth. Everything from sudden gains, losses, the share of profit and legacies to inheritance and insurance come under the sphere of 8th house in astrology. The eighth house of astrology can be associated with sex, joint resources, personal transformations through trust and intimacy.

9th House:Ruled by Sagittarius

9th House of the astrology symbolizes journey towards unknown.  The natural sign of the ninth house is Sagittarius and a fire sign is ruled by the Jupiter. The Ninth House in astrology is all about expansion – of your horizons and most importantly of your mind. It’s the house of luck, long-distance travel (journeys over 500 miles), foreigners, higher education, philosophy, religion, the law, adventure and wide open spaces. 

10th House:Ruled by Capricorn

The 10th house of the astrology represents the degree of the ecliptic that was highest at the time and place of birth. It shows the highest achievements in your life. It symbolizes career and social status. It is ruled by sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn. It rules everything connected to your career.

11th House :Ruled by Aquarius

This house is commonly referred to as the house of friends. It also symbolizes our hopes, destiny, dreams and collective behavior. It is ruled by the sign Aquarius and the planet Uranus. Stepchildren and the adopted children are the matter of 11th house. Planets present in the eleventh house can make us have public figures as friends; this, in turn, can very frequently aid us in other areas of our lives.

12th House:Ruled by Pisces

The 12th house of our natal chart is most auspicious one. It is occupied by Sun. The natives having Sun in 12th house carry a leading approach and personality wherever the stand and move from. It is the house of spirituality. The house is ruled by Pisces and the planet Jupiter and Neptune.

Vedic Astrology

The 12 Bhaavs (houses) represent hundreds of things each. Hence this list below is not comprehensive but aims at pointing to at least some important significations of each of the bhaavs.

1st House- according to Vedic astrology this house represents the general physical and mental characteristics.

2nd Bhaav- Primary house of wealth, assets and material possessions like jewelry, household articles, etc.

3rd Bhaav -  Siblings (especially younger ones), neighbors and surroundings are represented in this Bhaav.

4th Bhaav - Mother, motherland, vehicles, fixed property (Land, houses, real estate), agricultural or other real estate, Emotions and happiness, Luxuries are represented by 4th Bhaav.

5th Bhaav- This house represents the creativity of an individual. The things we create. Children are most important creation. Imagination, emotions, (which reflects our interpersonal and intimacy) memory and fluid intelligence. Speculation and gambling are most important aspect.

6th Bhaav – This house represents the opposition. The enemies, short acute sickness, injuries, surgeries, debt, litigation/ courts, people who compete with us. This house refers to the sixth sign of the zodiac, the Virgo or the Kanya. It governs all the matters signified by the ministry of health, defense, labor, employment and human resource development.

7th Bhaav – This house according to Vedic astrology rules a person's relationships and partnerships, marriage, wife or husband, legal bondage, lawsuits, quarrels, divorce, open enemies. This house refers to the seventh sign of zodiac, the Libra or the Tula. The natural significator of the seventh house is the planet Venus. The parts of the body ruled by the seventh house are kidneys, middle and lower back and vertebras.

8th Bhaav - This house refers to the eighth sign of zodiac, the Scorpio or the Vrischik or Vrischika Rasi. The 8th house rules a person's longevity, defeat, insult, sorrow, scandal, obstacles, impediment, transformation, regeneration, sexuality, unearned money, occult matters and death.

9th Bhaav -  This house refers to the ninth sign of zodiac, the Sagittarius or the Dhanu or Dhanush. It governs all the matters signified by law and justice ministry. This is the house of faith, wisdom and worship. The 9th house rules religious and philosophical beliefs, weather a parson is religious, devoted, charitable, orthodox or meditative all is to be ascertained from this house. 

10th Bhaav - The 10th house rules a person's work, commerce, trade, business, success, fame, rank or position in outer world. This house refers to the tenth sign of zodiac, the Capricorn or the Makar or Makara. The natural significator of the tenth house is the planet Saturn and Mars. 

11th Bhaav - The 11th house rules a person's friends, social circle, profit, gain, the income of all kinds, acquisition, desire and wish fulfillment. The 11th house is related to friends. This house refers to the eleventh sign of zodiac, the Aquarius or the Kumbh or Kumbha.

12th Bhaav - The 12th house shows final emancipation from the chain of births and deaths and his merger with the divine and the future state of his existence. This house refers to the twelfth sign of zodiac, the Pisces or the Meen or Meena.