What pleases the aesthetic and soothes the eye might just be an

illusion? Our individualistic comprehensions are not the universal

truth; in the case of colors and our symbolic decipherment of their

meanings each culture in fact, to the extent of each

individual: these vary.

Even before I learned to walk I learned from my favorite TV show that the

fallen angel was red, that red was the color of danger, and that red was the

color of blood. Pretty much all things horrifying.

At my very first flower show, I plucked a red rose to appreciate the

presence of the first girl who somewhat stole my heart. What I was told and

what I felt implied two contradictory representations of one color.

To say the least, every coin has two sides and the color red? As my brain

frames it best, has multiple.

Energy is to a great degree urgent is anything we do. It is a simple quality

required to succeed. Being around or incorporating Red in different parts of

life can trigger the craving to succeed.

Despite the fact that Red can trigger positive vitality to rouse, an excessive

amount of inclusion of Red can make one feel pompous, and trigger

animosity or negative energy.

Consequently, it is properly said that Red is a blazing shading and if utilized

fittingly has incredible ramifications.

Speaking on the rudimentary of experiential learning, gold to me represents

class and royalty like it does to almost all plebeians who were ancestrally

ruled by monarchs. On the other hand, to gothic and balanced individuals

the color black associates with itself the arousal of similar feelings.

Just like words and symbols, colours too have a denotative and connotative

meaning. Of course, the latter is dependent on an individual’s perception

thereby supporting the mentioned claims!