Why Do We Wear Yellow Clothes On Vasant Panchami?

Why Do We Wear Yellow Clothes On Vasant Panchami?

In Hinduism, we find many festivals throughout the year! One such festival is Vasant Panchami. You must already be aware of it since you were a child. Of course, your parents must have let you celebrate it in a very unique way!

Nevertheless, if you still do not know about Vasant Panchami, then here is an opportunity to learn about the festival. There are many references to Vasant Panchami. And we will help you realize what these exactly are.

Celebrating the end of winter:

Vasant Panchami is celebrated in February usually. It marks the end of winter. Winter is a harsh climate and is very cold. Vasant Panchami, though not completes hot, yet brings an end to the harsh cold.

It is something that also means an end to immense and harsh suffering and looking forward to a new life with new hopes and great positivity.

Celebrating the beginning of spring:

As mentioned, Vasant Panchami is an interesting and unique festival. It marks the beginning of spring and ends the winter for you. It brings in warmth and hope. The Basant Panchami marks the celebration of perfect weather and climate around you. The Basant Panchami 2019 can always approve of that. After all it was the best year!

Offering prayers to our ancestors:

In this festival, most of the Hindus offer prayers to their ancestors. The dip in river Ganga and clean themselves. They also offered their favorite foods to their ancestors and asks blessing from them.

Also they take part in Brahmin Bhoj. It is considered very auspicious and pure thing to do!

Worship of kamdev:

Kamdev is the god of love! And spring can be very easily considered as the season of love. You can turn your head around anywhere and see Birds chirping, flowers blooming and the nature at its best.

All this love around you, is one essential reason why Vasant Panchami is one of the best festivals to celebrate. Many people worship Lord kamdev on this festival.

Worship of mother Saraswati:

The Goddess Sarasvati is worshipped on Vasant Panchami. It is one of the most prior reasons why Vasant Panchami is celebrated in the first place. It is a very auspicious day and people usually believe that their kids should start education on this day.

Goddess Saraswati is a goddess that represents calms an education. Let us know more about her.

Goddess Saraswati:

As already mentioned, she is the calmest Goddess of all. She has abundant knowledge of everything. It is an essential reason why she is the Goddess of knowledge. Her husband Lord Brahma, and she represents creation and putting a significant amount of knowledge in them.

Goddess Saraswati has four hands. Each of these hands represents the qualities of education in human beings. They represent intellectualism, ego, mind and the Alert nature! She wears white every time. And is seen sitting on a white Lotus.

Apart from that, she rides a Swan, which according to lore has enough intelligence of separating milk from water. The Vasant Panchami festival celebrates her existence and presence amongst us.

How do children celebrate Vasant Panchami?

During this auspicious day, children wake up early take bath and be a part of the pooja. They do not need to study on this day. Instead, they keep the books and pens at Goddess Saraswati's’ feet! The rest of the day they spend in accordance to their own.

They wear yellow on this day and celebrate the mark of education.

What is the relevance of wearing yellow?

Wearing yellow has its own significance! As already mentioned, Vasant Panchami marks the beginning of spring. During the spring, the mustard fields are filled with yellow mustard flowers. To respect to the crop fields and become one with them, the people choose to wear yellow!

Apart from that in Hinduism, yellow often refers to teachers and education. It is one crucial reason why the students are asked to wear yellow!

Celebrating Vasant Panchami every year brings and hopes for a new life and knowledge for your future. The Basant Panchami 2019 was amongst the best celebrations of 2019. Hopefully, the next year will live up to the reputation.