Feng Shui secrets to attract love and money.

Feng Shui secrets to attract love and money.

By: Megha

In these times of survival of the fittest, everyone wishes to be competent of fulfilling the needs of his/her family. Beginning with the preaching of priest to sayings of astrologer, you must have been over-conscious about your life and from inside your heart there is hunt for prosperity. Let us begin with a thing, even for getting the respect from spouse you must think of gifting her things and in believing to dignify your self-esteem in presence of hers. Not every man’s life is perfect or the reflection of perfectionism, but it is visibly said by every motivational speaker that doers never quit. When Indian markets are at the whims of Chinese products, there are Feng Shui tips which can bring a drastic change in your love life.

Feng Shui is more often pronounced as “Fung Shway” and its roots are five thousand years old. Feng Shui’s practitioners have verbally quoted that it is an exercise of bringing positive change to the environment. In more buoyant meaning, it channelizes the energy of each individual in a positive direction, from recommending the rightfully accurate directions for placing things in the house as per Vastu’s terminology to fuelling the positive flow of energy. Coming onto the few secrets that can give a major break and loving life, there are few stances in Feng Shui that you need to follow up.   

The great author Karen Carter has once quoted that the objects placed in the house should propagate communication not delusion and bind the family members together with the knots of socialism. Letting the thoughts flow in better direction, many eminent astrologers say that furniture especially the dining table placed in house should not be against the wall and it should be placed above the cleaned rugs. The reason covered in this tip is that any wrong positioning of furniture causes turbulence.    

Many households’ dining rooms hang bamboo vases on the top of table as it implicates the signs of gaining wealth, majority of urban living population follows this trending trend. The ideology of astrology and Vastu proclaims that arising positivity is next to opulence. Plant more saplings in the garden area of your house, at the entrance door of house place climber and money plant. Nourishing the seeds to vitalize them by allowing the fall of full sunlight evolves the formation of plants which not only offer greenery but liveliness too.        

Think of putting some family photos in the hallway of your house as it enhances the bond of relationship and drives positive vibes. The photos of yours and your wife, family and children can flourish all the positivity and give galore of reflected immensity of love. Colours give life to the meaningless object so in quite strikingly way paint the colours of your wall according to the element of your birth month. Element over here includes fire, earth, water and steel and for an assumption if a fiery soul resides inside then splash the front wall of hallway with red.