What is a Chinese lucky coin?

What is a Chinese lucky coin?

By: Megha

The name “Chinese coins” itself suggest about the historical and sacred coins which were used in south-east Asian countries and are relevant even today. These coins are round shaped with squared space in the centre. The myths proclaim it as the junction of both heaven (circle) and earth (square) and this is the foremost reason because of which they are known to be propitious.  

Not only in Hong Kong, many north-east Indians also believe that Chinese coins are the avatar of luck and bring lifelong prosperity. This is the reason why many of them hang it at the door entrance of house. But it does not mean that you can expect bags full of money arriving at your place. The one distinctive thing about using it is that there is the chance of annual inclination of your income.

Few Chinese coins also carry template of animal signs and trigrams, while the other portion of Chinese coins consist of Mantras. The commonest of the common Chinese coins are those equipping dragon and phoenix on either at one side or the other. It would be surprising for anyone to know that there are ample ways of using the coins as per Feng Shui techniques. You may tie these Chinese coins in the group of three, six, and nine along with red ribbon to stimulate the positive spark of energy.

How to Use Chinese Coins as a Feng Shui Money Cure   

If you are having an interview and you feel nervous about the related outcomes, then keep three Chinese coins in your wallet. Do remember that you have to tie them with red ribbon. For people who want to get successful as businessmen, there are a variety of ways relating to the usage of Chinese coins as per the teachings of Chinese feng shui schools. Hoping to see an increase in the cash flow in business, do keep these coins near the cash register or hang them near the front door of your business enterprise. Do not forget to cleanse your coins as they might carry outdated energy and make yourself feel assure that the coins which you buy have come from reputed Feng Shui’s retailer. The purpose of keeping new Chinese coins is that they revive positive energy and revitalize the aura of home by giving positive hope. Wouldn’t you be surprised to know that there are numerous good luck decorations linked with Chinese coins? These Feng Shui’s products come in several shapes, colours and in different materials. Very often, these products come in colours of silk. It has become mandatory for any man as well as woman to stand on own feet and if the waves of turbulence deter their hopes then they need to find source which can refuel willpower again in their lives. Being financially independent is as important as being sexually independent and it applies for everyone without the denial of gender biasness. The role of equity, fight for desires and wish to stay bless always remain intact the very moment you bring Chinese coins in your house.