5 Gemstones that can make you rich.

5 Gemstones that can make you rich.

By: Megha

Affluence transcends when fortune favors in the hope of people. In today’s time, everyone is stressed with multiple of responsibilities and in fulfilling them. For this task, we try different alternatives in life. From praying early to God in morning to seeking the best astrologist or the tarot card reader, we do everything that determines our fate and gives the forecast of better possibilities in future. All of us are obsessed to get success but very few among us work on a logic-based strategy to thrive better in life and rest of us blame their own life’s destiny at the time of failing destructively. To make your life blessed with fortune, acclamation for deeds and opulence, there are five rarest of the rare gemstones which can embark you on a better journey in life.   


It is the gemstone which is often called “Gambler’s Stone” as it is kept in the dish were the people like to throw their loose change in the night. To the utmost surprise, the dish will grow full. It is kept in a purse, wallet to increase the probability of getting better luck. One can also put it in the business papers and other documents or wear it during the financial meetings. The Green Aventurine is another substitute for bringing opportunity and captures the luck in the favor of the person.     


The specialty of this gemstone is that it reverberates with the solar plexus chakra and it falls under the area of everyone’s energy which witnesses the powerful transformation. Very commonly recalled as the “Merchant’s Stone”, it is also known to be the gemstone which is persevered by business folklores for many traditions. The biggest advantage it offers to the sellers is that it does not only attract usual customers but buyers from higher class too. The deep golden form of quartz attracts any form of tangible wealth and many legendary artists like Rock singer Sheryl Crow are also known for carrying citrine.


Just like any other gemstone, Jade is known to be the recipient of prosperity and fortune. During the ancient times in China, it was highly valued because of its potency in harboring luck in the favor of people. Just like Aventurine, this stone is also dropped in loose change dish or is kept within the financial papers to boost positive vibes. The working of this stone is very interesting as it works with the heart chakra of the possessor and helps him/her to balance wealth along with emotional desires. It provides a stability quotient to people by fixing their ambition and compassion and promotes sensitive understanding among them.    


Nowadays, many people flaunt themselves by wearing Quartz ring. The main purpose of wearing Quartz is to hinder the impact of negative energy and fear. There are times in life when fear obstructs people in making righteous decisions in their corporate filed and marriage life. To overcome that type of fear, Quartz acts the role of a savior and helps people to find calmness in life. Former Spice Girl and the wife of a famous footballer, Mrs. Victoria Beckham is one such celebrity who is known for carrying clear Quartz and black obsidian.  Probably, this is the reason behind the least struggle of the people wearing Quartz ring.


The very commonly known gemstone Diamond has its significance in the times of Vedic astrology. Diamond is linked with Venus (Shukra) and it is measured to gemstone for upbringing wealth. It is meant to be much more effective when it is worn by the ladies. As per the scientific terms, Diamond is the most powerful stone and hardest mineral found in the earth’s crust. The adept known diamonds are colorless and crystal clear. GIA grading system is the technique of wearing a diamond ring and it is recommended that one should wear diamond above I-Grade (I, H, G, F, E and D). It is also worn in the form of pendant around the neck.