How to use astrology for business?

How to use astrology for business?

By: Megha

It is the dream of millennial to rise bright in the career and is dreamt of by many people. Some people are shakeable while others are concrete at their decisions. It is generally said that some professions like acting, business and writing are in the genes of an actor, businessman and a writer. But at other hand, all of them work harder to be consistent. Many times, we felt gloomy in the doom of world which we create out of the fear from competitors. The rising inflation causes monetary problems for many whose daily survival is fixed at the monthly income. To gain stability in life, we try out several things which includes consulting an eminent astrologist or psychologist. No one wants to get fail in life but there are circumstances which bound the individual and put limitation to his/her desires. God has given each of us a single life, is not advisable to do things in life which makes it larger and memorable? At the end, who knows what might happen tomorrow as the next day is always uncertain.

The most unbreakable thing that can thrive you high in business is mapping the financial plan according to the birth chart. In context of astrology, birth chart speaks about the potential of a person and directs him towards the purpose which is hidden inside his/her heart. Another name given to it is “Electional Astrology”, it holds the credibility in informing the person about the specific date, time or event which may turn his journey to higher horizon. This is applicable in particular types of businesses like law firms, travel and clinic and at wedding planning firms.    

However, if you believe in the conventional method of astrology, then Vedic astrology gives far better result and is still vibrant across many countries. The starting point of using this astrology is to select the right day to launch a business. Wednesday and Saturday are the two days which can give higher cleavage to the entrepreneurship-led business. Go according to your natal chart and make sure that Sunrise bright that day. The Sun comes in the sidereal signs of Aries between 15th April and 14th May. It comes in the sidereal sign of Leo from 18th August to 17th September. And it is the exact intention that Wednesday and Saturday are chosen among the best days to commence business.

If in the natal chart, Jupiter is positioned in 1st, 5th or 9th house then there are major guesses that your business will flourish because it showcases the traits of dominance. For the longevity of your business, do avoid dates like April 14/15th 2018 because at these days Sun changes sign. The time span of one month between 18th October and 17th November shall be avoided for minimizing the impact of negative vibes. In a very similar pattern, the time gap between 14th January and 13th February shall also be skipped to initiate any business. The Sun is measured to be fallen in the horoscope of people owing Libra sign and is very weak in people of Capricorn horoscope. Thus it is advised that one can avoid these times for any business start-ups. Make sure that in your natal chart, Mercury, Saturn and Moon are positioned in the higher houses because they are known as those types of catalysts which can boom the business. It also indicates that they must not be in their weak signs. That is the foremost necessary reason for carefully observing the planet which implies the type of business is concretely placed.

At times if situations make you more worried then you shall follow the telepathy of believing full moon phases. As it is believed that the work which is planned during the full moon night commences successfully. It is extremely important for the individual to know about the planetary period which is reflected in Vedic system and whose impact affects Sun’s sign too.

The famous quoting of the bible quotes that to everything there is a reason and time under the heaven. A time to born and time to die.

Not many people know that the days are named after the planed and each day has its own unique quality and thus certain businesses are launched according to these days. If we bifurcate on the first day of the week, it gives out “Sun” and “Day”. This implies that it is the great day to start any technical, entertainment or governance. If we bifurcate the second day, then it gives out two words “Mon” and “Day”. The word “Mon” resembles more resonating to “Moon” and this day is considered adept for women entrepreneurs, food, clothing, PR agency, visual, arts and film. The third day of the week is linked with the planet Mars and it is the day to look forward for establishing any martial art event, real estate, construction, dental profession and surgery. Whereas Wednesday is linked to planet Jupiter and is considered to be the best day for promoting spiritual preaching, promoting someone’s career as copywriter, media and editing jobs are easily available to the deserving people at this day. The fifth day of week is Thursday and is considered best for teaching, law, psychology, astrology and tutoring. The sixth day of the week (i.e. Friday) is linked with Venus planet and the business like industry, diplomatic operations, fashion design, floristry are highly suited to initiate on this day. Saturday is the last day of the week and the business related to farming, social work, gardening, geology and other business are considered to grow highly on this day.