Know what is your hottest body part according to your zodiac sign!

Know what is your hottest body part according to your zodiac sign!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries – You are very confident and your feet is the most important and distinct part of your body.  it is your unique walking style that makes you look more attractive and you should flaunt the same in public.

Taurus – Taurus are known for being ambitious and practical. The most attractive part of your body is your thick and long hair that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Gemini – Geminis are very fun loving and chill in nature. You are very communicative and loves to express more with your body language especially with your arms.  Flaunting your arms will make you feel confident and look sexy.

Cancer – Cancerians are very flirty and their lips are the most sexiest part of their body. Your beautiful lips are your best attribute and people can’t stop admiring them.

Leo – Leos are very dominating and are attention seekers.  Your big and sharp eyes make you look more powerful and gorgeous and you have the ability to make people get lost in your soulful and expressive eyes.

Virgo – The best attribute about your body is your flawless skin. No matter how old you are, your vibrant and glowing skin makes you look young. Girl with this zodiac sign never hesitate to flaunt their skin

Libra – Librans have sexy and flat stomach and they love showing them off. Librans are extrovert and their seduction power lies in their stomach.

Scorpio – Scorpians are very graceful and their hottest body feature is their best curves. Lots of people are jealous of them as they have the most attractive physical attribute

Sagittarius - You are an individual with many talents. Your beautiful back allows you to wear any backless attire and you often attract men with your beautiful back.

Capricorn – Individuals with this sun sign have hottest hands. People may not find hands sexy but for a Capricorn, it’s hard not to notice their beautiful hand.

Aquarius - Women under this zodiac are very beautiful and have got the hottest legs, no man can resist them

Pisces – Pisces woman can attract any men with their sexy neck, their hot and sexy neck are what makes the Pisces stand out and can attract any men.