Astrology Yoga for Higher Education.

Astrology Yoga for Higher Education.

By: Rashida

No doubt you understand the importance of higher education. After all, higher education is touted to lead to a number of benefits, including financial security and a prosperous career. However, the role of education in the 21st century plays a big part in other aspects of your life, like improving the overall quality of your life, health, and having more opportunities present themselves to you. Graduates who have a higher education typically have more jobs open to them than those who don’t further their education after high school.

College graduates also usually earn more money than non-graduates. Having an education is important because it affects future career possibilities. A lot of jobs require at least a high school diploma, but most careers require some type of higher education that contains some kind of knowledge and experience in a specific field. Also, higher education builds character and tends to have a person become more responsible as they deal with a lot of issues at the same. Someone attending a higher education institution can get a feel for what the real world is like. It prepares a person mentally as it challenges and leads to the growth of a person.

Astrology also has a role to play in this aspect, it helps us gain detailed information on various aspects related to higher education in our life.

Options for a higher education

Nowadays everyone wants to opt for higher education. People with a higher Education have a lot of scopes when it comes to job opportunities. When you have a higher education it also leads to better careers and highly paid jobs. It also allows you to make the best career choice for yourself too. With the help of educational Astrology, every individual can find about various opportunities related to further education

Birth charts of individuals have detailed information provided about everything related to the person. Astrology not only helps you in providing details of what is present in your birth chart. But also provides alternatives for any problem that is obstructing your path in gaining the level of education that you want.

Higher Education Yoga’s

Education yoga’s are often present on your birth chart the birth chart of an individual has all the information required for further education. Certain people want to pursue degrees in their own country and some want to get it done abroad. Astrology also tells people about the various opportunities that people have through different yoga’s in the natal chart. Planetary positions, horoscope and birth charts have great significance in an individual’s life.

If you are aware of the yoga’s in your birth chart you can plan everything accordingly, this will enable you to make the right choice for choosing institutions for a further education and also help you to have a well-balanced life

Various houses in Astrology related to education

The 4th house is related to education and 5th house to intellect. If these houses are present on your birth chart then you are likely to pursue further education in the future. The 2ND House is related to goddess Saraswati represents education, speech and knowledge. To get success in the field of higher education 9th house is mandatory and 10th house is the Karaka house of name and fame from education. There is very close relationship between education and intelligence. In the same manner there is a close relationship between the 4th and the 5th house.

Planets responsible for education

Planets also have a role to play with different genres of education.

Jupiter is the chief planet of Vedas, philosophy and astrology. Mercury deals with mathematics, financial management and medical. Venus is auspicious for music and effective understanding. Mars gives the ability to rule and to fight against injustice.

Sun signifies administrative education, medical and philosophy. Moon is auspicious for medical, poetry, astronomy, spiritual and astrological education. Saturn and Rahu are main planets of foreign education. 9th house, Jupiter and Moon are the chief karakas of spiritual education. In a birth chart the grasping power and the ability to get education is considered from Mercury whereas Jupiter is the chief karaka of one’s educational up gradation.