Know Ajay Devgan Future For The Year Ahead!

By: Sonu Sharma

Ajay Devgan, a famous Indian actor, Director and Producer was born in New Delhi on 2nd April 1969. Though he is the son of the famous stuntman of Bollywood, Veeru Devgan he has never used his father’s name and got success and name in the film industry through his own efforts and skills. He was the first person in Film Industry to acquire a private jet for going to shooting locations.

As per current planetary positions in Ajay Devgan’s Kundali, Venus and Moon are in pratique and Parivartan Yog of Mercury and Jupiter is also formed which showcases success and glory in public life. He is a man with a lot of talent as he is born with Venus in Aries in Bharani i.e. Venus' own Constellation.

Ajay is very passionate about fitness and workout to stay fit but this year he should take extra care of his health as there is a possibility of physical injury during this year due to the effect of Mars passing through the twelfth house in Aquarius sign.

In his horoscope, the labhesh and Jayesh i.e Saturn makes him do the hard work and Mars being favorable gives him all the luck. He might face some obstacles in his work due to the effect of Ketu passing through the eleventh house in Capricorn sign.

Ajay Devgan will do fairly well this year and his planets will take him to new heights. Financial benefits will definitely be coming his way this year. Also, there is a possibility that he may be nominated for awards by the government and higher authorities. His creativity will also grow and there will be a more personal transformation for him rather than outer changes. There is also the probability of visiting religious places and donating for charitable deeds.