Horoscope Of 22 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: This is a time to live life with confidence. To bring all pending projects to a close. You have the knowledge and experience to do it. Don’t bother about what others have to say today.


Taurus: It’s a day of Abundance in your life. Keep the mind tuned into that frequency and you will be surprised at how easy it is to attract. Truly you already have some of it waiting around.


Gemini: Time to integrate. Start working with, at least, one more person today. If there is a power struggle, learn to start sharing. You may find someone who will teach you what you want to learn.


Cancer: It’s about being in your Integrity today. Take a look at what you are doing with your behavior, thoughts, actions, and emotions. It’s time, to be honest, and walk your talk. Everyone deserves a second chance.


Leo: What do you desire today? Vibrate with the desire and take appropriate actions to manifest it. Be sure to be real and not selfish. This can cause a barrier to your desire coming to pass.


Virgo: The day is yours to shape. Smile over the good and make friends with the bad. Your experiences make you, choose the quality ones. Avoid involvement in the unwanted conflict. Don’t make your truths your prison.


Libra: You are a leader today. To remain a good one, respect others opinion too. Show your admiration and keep your temper in check. Be part of things from the start to the finish. Act more.


Scorpio: There may be inexplicable coincidences happening around you and a feeling of recognition will emerge. This is a sign that you need to start honing your intuition. You have the answers… Personal interpretation is crucial.


Sagittarius: You are in need of the maternal energy. Either get or give. Be kind but do not smother. Be supportive and nurturing. Share responsibility and remember you are loved and supported. Work with your hands.


Capricorn: Your work is reaping the highest of rewards today. It’s all coming together. DO not indulge in dissatisfaction and discomfort or get daunted by the change. Remember, strength is gained by the experiences life gives you.


Aquarius: Thoughts become things. When you change your mind you change your life. Today, be optimistic, be real and be certain of what you want to go towards. Your thoughts shape your life and you control them.


Pisces: Follow your dreams and discover your passions again. You can do this by yourself, independently. Look at and deal with self-imposed limits and restrictions. Release the fear of abandonment and failure. Ask for attention you crave.

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