Horoscope Of 20 February 2018


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Live today in the spirit of freedom but not impulse, Aries. There are new adventures coming your way. Be ready to take the risks you need to succeed. Just don’t get too traditional and stop.


Taurus: Advice and constructive criticism is not a personal attack. It’s time to face a painful reality and drop the illusion. What are you beliefs telling you and what is the reality of the given situation?


Gemini: Time for ethical behavior on all fronts. Do not compromise today, instead take the advice of an expert and keep your own judgments free of emotional influences. Do not compromise or you’re your boundaries, today.


Cancer: The day has the energy of starting anew. The process takes you to material prosperity and mental stability. Your desire for security in the future is being answered wholeheartedly. Make the plans you desire, today!


Leo: Something may be falling short of its target. You are called upon to devote regular time for practice. Establish a good work ethic and find your personal creative process. Pay all your dues now, Leo.


Virgo: Step into the unknown and start experimenting. Do not copy those that have inspired you. Make you own path. Practice and refine you skill. Pay attention to details and avoid cutting corners. Your objectives first


Libra: Are you working form a bad past experience or you intuition? Make sure you know how to distinguish between the two. Be observant of both, the voices inside and the voices outside. Use your sixth sense.


Scorpio: Today you have a choice. The one you make today will effect your life for a while, possibly. You have the chance to determine your path forward, now. Be aware and be responsible today, Scorpio.


Sagittarius: Focus on all that is good in your life. You have plenty. Question the need and the desire for more. Have the attitude of gratitude and inculcate a positive state of appreciation. Don’t be boastful.


Capricorn: Have a gentle and passive approach and be flexible. Surrender to the flow of life and relinquish your need to control. The future will bring you what you need, not what you want. Trust, Capricorn.


Aquarius: We all make mistakes. Now is the time to own up to yours and change your ways. An action will also have consequences, now or later. Being in the ego today will not change anything.


Pisces: Try to put the wellbeing of others before yours t this time. You have noble qualities and this is the time to express them. Avoid gossip. Accord others with respect and dignity. Give second chances.


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