How to Celebrate Valentines Day, Based On Your Partners Zodiac Sign!


By: Sonu Sharma

So, Valentine's Day is coming up and you must be thinking of how you're going to celebrate Valentine's day. If you are not able to decide how you should spend Valentine's Day and impress your partner. We can guide you on what you should do on this day based on your partner’s zodiac sign –

Aries – If your partner’s zodiac sign is aries, then you can impress them by taking them to a concert as they like grand gestures and doing something crazy.

Taurus - Tauruses are simple and romantic, for them candlelight dinners in luxurious restaurant with soft music is the perfect way is celebrate. The type of gift a Taurus would appreciate is something unforgettable and expensive.

Gemini – they like celebrating Valentine’s Day with a bottle of champagne and neatly gift-wrapped gifts. Ideal gift for them could be a technological gadget.

Cancer – These people are very family oriented and they prefer to celebrate at home. Perfect gift for them is hand written love notes, home-baked chocolates or cookies etc.

Leo - You can impress them by taking them to a Valentines Day party or any dance party.

Virgo – The best thing a Virgo would like is to keep it simple and have a candlelight dinner at their favourite restaurant.

Libra – Librans would like to spend their day at a place where they can enjoy looking at things like an art gallery or any art show.

Scorpio – Scorpians like to celebrate in a place which is quiet and where there are not too much of  people around them.

Sagittarius – Sagittarius are very social and they love celebrating in a party atmosphere. You can impress Sagittarius by taking them to a club or any party place.

Capricorn – They love to celebrate in a place where no body disturbs them, so they would appreciate a romantic dinner.

Aquarius – Aquarians are very unpredictable and it depends on their mood that how they want to celebrate; from going to a concert or a dinner date or any adventure sports.

Pisces – Pisces are very romantic and traditional and they would appreciate a romantic movie and a romantic dinner date with soft background music.