Yog and combinations in horoscope for delay in marriage!


By: Sonu Sharma 

Wedding is one of the most important step in the journey of a person’s life and it has been defined as one of the "Sanskar" among the sixteen Sanskaras.

  • If mars is in the seventh house, then it showcase delay in marriage and tough Manglik dosha in Kundali.
  • If Rahu is in the 7th house then also the marriage is delayed.
  • If in a person’s kundali, Moon, Sun and Venus all are there in the 7th house, then this depicts delay in wedding. And if “Paap Kartari Yoga” is formed in kundali then the marriage further gets delayed.
  • If sun is placed in the seventh house, then this is also a sign of delayed and troubled marriage.
  • Presence of planets like Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in 7th house can cause obstacles in the marriage.
  • In Kundali if Moon , Mars and Ketu are placed in a line without having any planets between them, then this combination is very inauspicious in respect of marriage and causes delay in marriage
  • If lord of the 3rd house is placed in 8th house along with 8th house lord, then this indicates delay in marriage or it may even be denied after finalization.
  • Placement of Venus in 4th house and placement of moon in 6th or 8th house is not a fortunate combination for marriage and causes troubles in marriage.
  • Placement of Venus in 5th house affected by Saturn can delay the marriage to an extent of 35 years.