Horoscope Of The Day (3/2/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Trying something new today will keep the mind fresher. Don’t get into routine. It tends to make your mind wander paths it don’t not need to. Avoid violence, verbal or physical, and even simple injustice.


Taurus: Either start or continue on your creative side. This is what will bring you happiness and success. Not really creative? Find an outlet that is creative. There are as many paths as there are people.


Gemini: There is no certainty with anything today. It is all about how you decide it needs to be for you. You decide what happens and how you take it forward. Take more responsibility. Be charitable.


Cancer: A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing. It is precious and should be given and received with reverence. Another’s point of view will help you experience things differently. It is a blessing in disguise.


Leo: Getting intoxicated is calling out to you. If you can have it, yet handle yourself well, go right ahead. Make sure the result of this addiction does not feel like the only redemption you have.


Virgo: Being defeated is sometimes safer than winning. But are you ready to win? Can you handle the attention it will bring for the times to come? Would you rather be safe or shining? You decide.


Libra: When the new comes, it takes time to adjust to it. But if we resist it, we become the outcast, eventually. No matter what the reason, most people accept the new with eagerness. And you?


Scorpio: Responsibility is a beautiful emotion. But it should not compel you to live in the past all the time. Learn and move forward. Look ahead and start leading others there. You are actually a leader.


Sagittarius: You are a master and you can teach. But you are also blessed to find a master to teach you. You are creative and you are skilled. Make the best of it. Create and Share!


Capricorn: You are a self-made person and hold the energy of it well. This is the day where you may need to show it or discuss it with another. Allow your stance to speak for itself.


Aquarius: You know how to get your way through anything. Whatever comes you know how to use it. This is smart. Just make sure no one is hurt or wronged in the bargain. Play it smart.


Pisces: You have a personal cause you need to speak up about. Have the courage to do it and make it shift in your favor. You are a strong, focused, powerful person. Nothing can stop you.

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