Horoscope Of The Day (2/2/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Anything that is unnatural to you, starts invading your space, it will cause trouble. Find what is naturally “you” and stick to it. Avoid being passive, impulsive and addicted. Go back to the roots, Aries!


Taurus: First things First! What are your priorities today? You sure you have it all figured out? Things can be easier with a little scheduling and following the schedule. Happiness it ready to come your way.


Gemini: A new emotional beginning is in the cards. Now stop finding logic in it and go with the flow. There is much to be experienced and learnt from this experience. It is for your growth.


Cancer: There is potential of cheating and being cheated, today. Observe your personal motives and that of the others around you too. Not everything is as it seems. Be ready for manifestations, but differently than expected.  


Leo: Today is another day for group activity. Bring it your own special loving, generous and romantic energy for sure. But trying to be an individual in the group may not really work in your favor.


Virgo: Vanity may sound attractive. But it is through vanity that we take a fall. Open yourself to seeing another’s point of view and also their truth. Honor it. For it exists for a specific purpose.


Libra: There is so much fullness in you today. Everything you do can yield powerful and successful results. But there is still more that can come your way and all you have to do is receive.


Scorpio: Being conservative in your dealings with people around, will serve you well today. Make your own way, but make sure you do not step on someone else’s toes. Tradition is an important part of life.


Sagittarius: There is success today. But you need to go through struggle and hard work. It will also depend on your attitude. How you look at it and revive it will color the result and path.


Capricorn: It’s a day of absolute happiness and success. The most positive energy surrounds you. Make your wishes and they will manifest in the best possible manner. Remember to keep the balance going. Blessed Be, Capricorn!


Aquarius: A strong renewal of love and affection takes charge of your energy today. There is a chance of something becoming serious and you may get committed. It may be a relationship or work. But it’s getting serious.


Pisces: If you allow it, today can be the day you actually see something very important for yourself and your path forward. Keep it to yourself. The path you have to take may be a little difficult.


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