Horoscope Of The Day (1/2/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Be aware of your moods and feelings today. What direction are they taking you? Your thoughts are also guiding them. Take control of HOW you want to feel. It is all in your own hands.


Taurus: There is the opportunity to change, transform and adapt today. If you do it naturally you will avoid an unwanted situation. So be alert and look around for the cues the Universe is giving you.


Gemini: Look beyond, within and backward to find your answers today. They are not going to be conventional. Your ancestors knew all about this. Take a moment to close your eyes and connect to them too.


Cancer: Strength and compassion are called upon today. You are powerful enough to go ahead by yourself, achieving the needed results. Yet, you are loving enough to help those who need it. Strike your personal balance.


Leo: There is a chance at happiness, new friends and grand beginnings today. Be sure to sync yourself to the way things are moving around you. The natural order of things is usually easier to follow.


Virgo: You are such an imaginative romantic. But that also makes you a procrastinator and a little lazy. Your natural place may be a little slow, today. It’s time to become aware of this trait, Virgo.


Libra: There’s a new outlook towards life that will present itself today. You are in a space where you will be creative and also celebrated for it. You are safe in your need to start afresh.


Scorpio: Today, bring awareness to your ways of behaving with people around you. How do you relate to them and how can you make it better? What are they trying to show you? Will you learn?


Sagittarius: Keep yourself balanced and progressive. The life skills you have are in need of an upgrade. You may have a situation you will find a little taxing to face today. Just be ready for anything.


Capricorn: Yes you’re in charge. But how you express your authority is what will count today. How are people relating to it? Is it difficult for them to digest it? May be time to change methods.


Aquarius: Listen to your self today. Enough of asking people around you. You can be slotted as something you are not and feel compelled to fit in. Simply because you don’t know what you really are!


Pisces: Stick to ONE! Be it thought, emotion, work, decision or partner. This will avoid conflicts and hurt everywhere. Be aware of what intoxicates you and make sure find a path out. No hasty decisions, today!


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