Horoscope Of The Day (31/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: It’s a day where you are called upon to share all that you can. Be proud that you are able to give and are being given. Receive with gratitude. Indulge in song and creativity today.


Taurus: You are a great support for people. Today, you will be called upon to equalize a conflict or help someone stand their ground firm and steady. Be the strength you would hope for from another.


Gemini: What is precious for you? Where have to place it in your heart and house? Be aware of your surroundings today and you will not lose anything. Stay conscious about the people around you too.


Cancer: What is the space self-esteem holds for you? Do you recognize that you are a multitalented and multi-faceted individual that is forever changing? You are in no need to be fitted in a box. Shine!


Leo: The most unlikely people become allies, just because you understand each other on a deeper level, than another. You speak the same language. Be open to people around you today. You could be pleasantly surprised.


Virgo: You may travel today. Physically or in your understanding of yourself and the world around you. There is a lovely lesson for you and you are going to value it, immensely. Ready yourself. Bon Voyage!


Libra: Time for new beginning and taking chances. Don’t shy away from steadily progressing towards your dreams in your own special way. These are YOUR dreams, beloved. The needed help will appear as if by magick.


Scorpio: You have the ability to be extremely popular. You attract people of every kind. This is a strength, today. But be aware of the energies the various people are bringing to you. Stay well guarded.


Sagittarius: Sometimes you don’t need a reason for what is happening or what you are doing. The feeling of it being right is enough. You have strength. Now use it well to serve the ultimate goal.


Capricorn: Go back to the traditional values of love and acceptance and togetherness. It’s better to help rectify something or someone rather than making them an outcast. Life may be hard work, but it’s finally satisfying.


Aquarius: You have the ability to settle controversies. But you are as skilled at creating a rift. Make sure your motives and those of the people around you are sound and in the right place. Observe!


Pisces: Defying something may be a strong stand point. But remember it may or may not pay off in the long run. Do you have enough back up to defy what you are? Stand for reason.

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