Horoscope Of he Day (29/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Things go, things come. Take your time to digest it all. The flow of life is not about being stuck to one thing, it’s more about moving. The lessons are more important than the event.


Taurus: You are PREGNANT today. There is so much within you that is jumping to come out and express itself. It could be a chat, song, painting, dense or an actual baby. Can you handle it?


Gemini: You are a wise person, have most of your own answers, and also have answers for the others. It’s a great day to start sharing. Get in touch with that part of you that knows it.


Cancer: You can be anyone one you want to. Just don’t get stuck in the image you have made for yourself. Generosity, friendship and creativity are characteristics that will help today. You are loved and respected.


Leo: Today is a family day for you. Spend much time with them. Family is not only the ones that gave you birth. It can also be people you work with or friends you hold dear.


Virgo: You are about to set off on a trip. Be well prepared and make sure you are ready for the distance you are about to travel. You are taken care of. Know you are safe!


Libra: There is a chance that something very dear to you is going to get stolen. It could be anything or anyone. Keep your eyes open. Are you the one taking something away from another, Libra?


Scorpio: Today can be a day of contradictions. What looks like the end of something may just be the beginning of something you cannot notice, yet! Don’t let your ego become active. Be flexible and easy.


Sagittarius: Either you learn or you teach. It’s a rare combination where the two happen together. Today is one of those rare days in your life. Free yourself from any pre-established institutions. Follow your heart now.


Capricorn: It’s a day of slow, solid, constructive growth. It’s about tying up loose ends before you go ahead. Doing it with all the care. Find a way to carry the weight without being weighed down.


Aquarius: Today is about overcoming all the difficulty from the closet point of contact. Don’t shy away from facing the obstacle. The closer you get the more you will know about it and how to deal.


Pisces: Decisions are made and the way they are made are important. Are you going to be the aggressor in the bargain or not? What form will the result of the decision take? Wait and watch.


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