Horoscope Of The Day (28/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: It’s a day to go back to innocent fun. The relationships between siblings and the chance to share again is popping up so strongly again today. Reconnect with all the child within. It’s been waiting!


Taurus: Family Time! Spend a lot of time with the family or planning something for the family. The togetherness is a strong energy today and you should make the most of it. Learn to relax today!


Gemini: Take control of all your resources! You know where you want to go. Just a little fog. Your clarity will help clean it and you will be JUST where you want to and need to.


Cancer: Are you a student or a teacher? May be a bit of both as needed! You are called upon to share the magic of the soothing ways of the traditional people. Are you open, Cancer?


Leo: What are you so worried about now? So much research, no sleep and worry giving you nightmares and headaches? Remember there is always a way to pace things out. Rest, Plan, Breath, Sleep and Chill!


Virgo: The firmness of the feminine is something you cannot stand against. Today you have the opportunity of being that strength or facing and working with it. You decide. Needs clarity and focus. Have it, Virgo?


Libra: it’s a good day to clear out your conscious, Today. What have you been holding in that is causing you emotional trouble? Let it go and you will be all the better for it, Libra.  


Scorpio: Stop getting on to peoples wrong sides unnecessarily. And don’t allow people that side of you either. Find another way to express your passion and keep it engaged. You have many avenues… Open your doors.


Sagittarius: You know just what is needed Sagittarius. You are smart enough to get your way and also know how to make the other person happy about it. Will you allow that side to breathe, today??


Capricorn: There are some big decisions you have to make, today. Or at least start out on them. Some areas of life are becoming way more serious. But there are blessings and balance in all of them.


Aquarius: What are you trying to safeguard? What are you afraid of losing? Or are you eyeing something that belongs to another and finding a way to get it for yourself? Check motives all around, today.


Pisces: It’s such a beautiful day for love and commitment. A time to share your inner most feelings and secrets with the ones you trust and make new and serious ties. Or revive the old ones.

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