Horoscope Of The Day (25/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: ENERGY, ENERGY, ENERGY! There is so much action today that you can start on. New beginnings are strong and have the potential to be successful too. Enjoy your sensuality and your flow. Make decisions today!


Taurus: It’s the day to answer your own questions. A time to take some self-time, alone! Take a day trip or lock yourself into a room where no one will disturb you today. Chat with yourself!


Gemini: You have the ability to do anything today. Everything is in front of you and you have what it takes to create the right mix. You know it will work. Or you will make it!


Cancer: Trying to be really firm and stubborn never really works for you, Cancer. So find another way to deal with it. Also pay attention to your joints and shoulders, today. Ease up and flow along.

Leo: A new action towards being creative and romantic is calling out to you, Leo. Make sure you take this chance. You need this gentle energy around you today. Make the most of this gift!

Virgo: It’s time to go out and play. New energy is coming in after an old cycle is done. Start it with a sense of awe and excitement. Get some flowers for yourself if you can!


Libra: Take a risk today, beloved. Whatever you decide to do will happen and successfully too. Just keep an eye out for where it leads you. DO you really want to be there? Look before you leap.


Scorpio: Why are you feeling cornered? What is it that you are defending or fighting for? Realize that the trick here is to work with what you are getting challenged by, to get out of it.


Sagittarius: Barter something for what you want. Make it a fair deal. Giving up and letting go might be the energy of the day. Make sure you know the value of what you are asking for.


Capricorn: Planning forward with all the information you have is what seems to be happening today. You have high levels of you own to live up to. Make sure not to stress yourself out too much.


Aquarius: What are you addicted to? What stops you from going forward? Is there something you can really pin point? Can you move away? Give it a thought. Know that it will need a little work.


Pisces: You are moving to a safer place and it will have you know that you are taken care of. There is guidance for you. Just take it, beloved. The troubles will start receding, starting today.


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