Horoscope Of The Day (24/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: There is no point on dwelling on things in the past. That which has gone has, for a reason. There is still so much you have. It’s better to look at what stayed with you.


Taurus: Your mind is taking a new route today. The old thought process is going through a change. The potential of action is evident but it may not be necessary! You can make the choice.


Gemini: Are you about to get an inheritance? It need not only be money. Spend time with the elders of the family today. They have the magic you need to go ahead from where you are.


Cancer: Your understanding and mysterious side is showing up today. You will have all the answers and be willing to share them too. But studying something further may also be wise. Work with the Moon, tonight.


Leo: Everything is working for you, Leo. Its time to take a small trip and explore nature. Almost like go into the wild. You are embodying the energy of freedom today and it is the brightest!


Virgo: Hard work and mastery is the call of the day. Pay attention to the intricacies of everything you work on today. The major project is about to bring you a lot of abundance and happiness.  


Libra: A new emotional beginning is opening up today. Are you making something more formal or is it naturally becoming more serious? Pay attention to your water intake and also your blood. An overflow is coming.


Scorpio: It’s time to step back for a moment. Look around you and see all that you already have. It’s time to work with the present material in a way that it proves satisfying and lucrative.


Sagittarius: Get into action mode today. It’s the perfect day to put everything you have thought about into working mode. You have the energy to lead it to its finish and with focus and clarity too.

Capricorn: Give as much as you receive. Coz since you have more, you are atomically called upon to give. Share all that you can. You are repeatedly called upon to spread the happiness, whatever your mode.

Aquarius: You are finally getting more attuned to what you have. Just don’t allow yourself to get greedy or grabby about more now. Learn to share just a tad bit more. Health is important today, Aquarius.

Pisces: Working in groups is a great idea for you today. What is your relationship to a superiority complex? Do you fight with authority mostly? You might have to interact with an age old institution today.


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