Horoscope Of The Day (23/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: There is movement in regards to your abundance, home, health and maybe travel. Make sure you note down all the ideas that come to you so you remember them. They will be valuable soon.


Taurus: There is a small win indicated for you today. The work you have done is about to be recognized and you are about to be celebrated. Strut your stuff and get ready for glory, Taurus!


Gemini: Everything will work out just perfectly! This is a like a day of wish fulfillment! It possibly is the day where you are surprised how easy life can make thing for you, without even asking.


Cancer: Feels like a day to rest and rejuvenate. Like you have done all the work and time to hang up the apron. But the truth is that there is still one issue waiting. It’s easy!


Leo: You are being gifted a stroke of balance today. Nothing too good and nothing too bad. But whatever was in excess will even out.  Find your grounding in all the turbulence, Leo. Know you can!


Virgo: The energy to move forward is present in your day. Plan it all out and the funk you are surrounded by will vanish. The only thing stopping you is the decision to make it happen.


Libra: Great day to go with the flow. Be gentle and allow innocence in. spend time being creative. Spend time with loved ones and make it a special time for them. Decisions based on the heart!


Scorpio: Laying foundations and strong ones too, today. There is a celebration on the cards and it may as well be an engagement. Something that is the beginning to a commitment for a long time, Scorpio.


Sagittarius: Drama Queen is the word that comes to mind today. It all now depends on how you use and guide the drama within your being that will determine the outcome. You may be overly emotional.


Capricorn: You are dedicated. But sometimes more of the same thing can be a bore. You already have achieved and now you want to be easy and change paths. Make sure not to hurt anyone, Capricorn.


Aquarius: Today is a day of settling into a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. You seem to have found what you want, finally! Now is the time to enjoy it. Beware of the extra coating on things.


Pisces: You shall receive the things you are meant to. How they come is not as important as the fact of them having come. It’s also a day where your ego may put on a show.

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