Horoscope Of The Day (22/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Today calls for balance. Make sure you do not focus only on one thing. There is a lot around you and be sure to justly divide your attention within it all. No need to feel overwhelmed.


Taurus: It’s a day of absolute abundance for you. A new something is on the horizon and it’s going to be a source of a lot of joy. The feminine energy needs you attention today, Taurus.


Gemini: A few big decisions are calling out to you, Gemini. Some that challenge your thought process. They also open up the opportunity for you to look at life differently. Allow the thoughts to flow, unrestricted.


Cancer: The need to work hard seems to be overpowering you. It’s great sign. You will accomplish a lot today. It may also call for a little being by yourself to hear your mind and feelings.


Leo: Something is become in serious in your life. Could it be a commitment to a someone special or a job you have wanted to do for a while? Whatever it be… step next it is.


Virgo: Step out of your mental cage beloved. The doors have been locked by your mind. It‘s the only thing that will be able to open it too. Your fear of getting swept away is baseless.


Libra: Being open to everything around and experiencing it fully is the aim today, beloved. No matter how strongly you shut yourself, the reality is waiting to meet you. This way or that… you decide, Libra.


Scorpio: The mood is celebratory, today. Have a fun time with your best friends. Work will also be productive and creative to handle. Some awesome news may be on its way for you. Enjoy the day!


Sagittarius: You are in charge and doing a great job at it. Keep in mind that not everyone can live up to that energy. Take it easy and make sure not to lose your cool, Sagittarius.


Capricorn: Suddenness is the mood for the day, Capricorn. You are possibly going to have some unexpected communication that will be like a step on the accelerator. Speed is another aspect today. Up for it beloved?


Aquarius: You are going to make some lovely grown up decisions about money, the house and your body today. Could be any of these. The important work here is GROWN UP! You have to ground more.


Pisces: Take care of your health and the thoughts you think, today. Looks like you are in need to a lot of rest and also healing. Lead people forward but support them from the back, Pisces.  

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