Horoscope Of The Day (21/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: This day brings you the opportunity to activate energies that have been dormant for a while, Aries. They have been in planning longer than required. Now is the time to get them stimulated and juicing.


Taurus: Something you have been doing or contemplating for a while is becoming a serious affair now. It’s like going from the in-roads to the highway when you just about start driving. Congratulations celebrate your growth!


Gemini: Adopt a more natural way of life, right now. It is calling to you to be more real with all your dealings. Be it your food or your interaction with people. Learn the balance of existence!


Cancer: Travel is indicated. Also pay attention to your dreams and mental wanderings. There is some important information coming your way today. Be open to receiving it, fully. How it comes may definitely surprise you, Cancer.


Leo: The elders are ready to help you if you ask for it. There is a lot of potential and growth in this situation if you submit to it. The information coming your way is invaluable. Surrender!


Virgo: When change happens things Transform. Aspects of you are also transforming today, and it is going to be a beautiful feeling. Allow yourself to feel the fires of change. Grow into your ultimate potential, Virgo!


Libra: Align your mind to the action steps you can take today to bring you work to fruitful fruition. It’s a great day to go forward and make things happen. Feed the fires within you, Libra!


Scorpio: You are in for a very abundant day. Prepare to harvest all that you have toiled for. You can expect news you have been waiting for, for a while now. Prep to be happy, Scorpio!


Sagittarius: Day to enjoy yourself. Spend time with the family. May be try cooking something. Something healthy. Relationships are what will make today the most interesting. Come together and nourish everything and everyone today, dear Sagittarius.


Capricorn: Allow the innocence of life to wash over you today. The magick and simplicity will make a lasting impact on you. Learn to be honest and to trust in return, too. Allow space for fantasy!


Aquarius: There are things around you that you do not understand. But they still make complete sense right now. Do not try to understand any of it. Just go with the flow. You will be fine.


Pisces: Your emotions are calling out to you. They need attention and they need some rest. You need to chill today and allow life to continue without you trying to guide its course. Learn to rejuvenate.

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