Horoscope Of The Day (19/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Powerful people are often able to adapt to the surroundings. They are also flexible and know when to bend. You are a powerful person and you energy is high, Aries. Make it count for everyone.


Taurus: Are you feeling or thinking the same thoughts again and again. Or are some of them just very strong? Its time you paid attention to these feelings and thoughts. They could be premonitions, saying something important.


Gemini: This is the right time to start off again. Remember the stairs that go upward also come down. You have to decide on the new direction you want to take. It will follow your lead, totally.


Cancer: You have a knack for solving the most intense issues. It comes from your loving mind and heart. Today is a day to tap into those skills and sort out things for yourself and others.


Leo: There is soooo much support coming for you from every corner. You are being taken care of and guided at every step, today. Just listen to the guidance carefully and you will be fine, Leo!


Virgo: Today’s day is encouraging peace and quiet in your space. It’s a gentle energy of flow and brightness. Slow down and just be. See things in the new light that you are being sent, Virgo!


Libra: You have to learn to create and maintain boundaries for yourself. Also respect them for other people, when they are already set up. Today, be cautious in everything you do. Again, be alert and open!


Scorpio: Believe it or not, you can see things others often times miss. Don’t not disregard is powerful ability. It is something that will help you. Be aware of headaches and migraines today. Keep yourself well!


Sagittarius: Time to make a conscious decision about the direction you want to take from here on. It’s like having a blank page and deciding what to create on it. That’s your life, today. Perfect timing too.


Capricorn: Follow your dreams today, Beloved! They will need a little persistence and your energy. They are ready to come true. The vitality of your personal will, will take you through to the very end, Capricorn.


Aquarius: Today’s the day to be observant. You will learn a lot if you remain silent and watch as things happen around you. There will be many revelations for you. Just be silent and look, Aquarius!


Pisces: You need solutions today. Somehow you are looking outside for them. You will get them with help from people who are grounded and real. Living in a fantasy will not get you the answers, Pisces.

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