Horoscope Of The Day (17/1/18)


By: Pushtiie

Aries: Much in your life is expanding today. You have opened up to the energy of growth. It’s beautiful! You are about to conceive something new today. Something that will be very dear to you, Aries.


Taurus: Sometimes you just know things and people. It is one of those days. You don’t know how but you know. Today, make sure you pay attention to the things that feel like that. They say something!


Gemini: There is a lot of mystery in the day and you are well tuned in. Become aware of what is coming to you from within you. This is your best guiding light today. Revelations happening!


Cancer: Keep at it, Cancer! You know you can do this. You have the energy and the persistence to go after what you want and it will have no choice but to come to you. Empowerment!


Leo: There are three aspects to what you are looking at right now. Not different, but a graduation from the start to the finish. Look at the full picture. Don’t get stuck in any of the stages.


Virgo: The lessons you are learning are reaching the last phase. Just have to go that LITTLE bit further and you will have graduated. Be aware and alert for the day, you will have come through!


Libra: Are you interested in teaching? Today an opportunity may offer itself and you would do well taking it up. You have it in you. Start journaling every day to keep a track of your dreams.


Scorpio: New ideas and projects are coming your way. Things are starting afresh and they want to you to be part of them. Awaken to the renewed energy heading your way, with an unstoppable force, Scorpio.


Sagittarius: It’s a great day to tell people how you feel. Just be careful about how it may sound to the one listening. Your inner truth is priceless and it needs to be heard! Happy Communication.


Capricorn: You are getting a chance to see things from different angles today. You will have, not one, but three perspectives within yourself. Decide what you want to work with. The options are for the taking.


Aquarius: It’s a good time today to notice the way you have been behaving. How you have been relating to everything around you and how it impacts the surrounding. A difference will help get different results.


Pisces: You have the opportunity to create something new. The question is do you want to make anything new? Are you content with all your old patterns, thoughts and actions? Make a decision, stick to it.

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